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Aug 15, 2022
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I had a breast reduction in 08 and a hysterectomy in 16. BOTH surgeries gave me a health boost that I still would do again!!

Now, cosmetic for cosmetic sake... probably not.
But, I have several friends in @wanderingspirit66 's situation that worked their ass off to lose weight and now are self conscious about the extra skin. :(
It sounds like the surgeries you had were probably somewhat necessary though, right?

Since I always had the opposite issue, I couldn't understand when a former coworker said she was getting a breast reduction because I thought she was so lucky. She then explained it can cause huge back issues and a lot of discomfort. I had never thought of that before so a surgery like that actually can improve your health.

Naturally I'd rather not have the wrinkles that come with time and I'd rather have muscles on my arms instead of arms that are starting to look like wings and I'd rather my thighs would stay up where they belong but none of that is important enough to me to risk surgery. But I do understand, like in the situation of struggling to lose weight and having extra skin, surgery would be something to consider.

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