Xbox One troubles; to the tech people out there!

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Jun 13, 2017
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Montréal, Québec, Canada
Hiya techies!
So, I've had an issue with my first generation Xbox One which I only bough 6 months ago and serves as my only distraction really, so I was hoping for a wizard out there to know a workaround. The issue is probably my fault and stems from the external power supply, which I stupidly plugged into a power bar with a surge protector instead of directly in the wall outlet. I was playing some RDR2 and it just randomly shut down. Ihave been unable to restart it. I unplugged everything and plugged it back, but when the power supply is plugged into the xbox, the orange light dies. If simply plugged into the wall it stands a solid orange, which indicates standby mode. I followed the reset procedures I found online, telling you to hold the power button down for 30 seconds wto discharge electricity left in the console, to no avail. My warranty covers this and they are going to replace the console, but that means I'll lose all my saves for the last 6 months, which pisses me off. Anyone knows a workaround so I can at least get back in there and back up my saves?


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Dec 2, 2010
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Ontario, Canada
You are better off having things like game consoles and computers plugged into a good power bar with surge protection and ones you can turn off. I've always plugged all my game consoles into power bars with surge protectors, it is recommended. If you plug it directly into an outlet without any protection and if there is a power surge from a storm or lightning your unit could get fried. We had that problem at my house, our antenna was struck by lighting and it fried some electronics in our house. Thankfully the items like our game consoles and my computer that are plugged into power bars and the bars were turned off did not get affected by the strike. Other things that were plugged directly into outlets got fried, and some things that were plugged into power bars that were left turned on were affected, but still worked. If you want to plug directly into an outlet you should always unplug the unit when not in use.

Anyway, sorry for the long story. I haven't had an issue with game consoles but with laptops. Do you know that the problem is with your power supply or console? If it is your power supply you could either go buy a new or used power supply or borrow one from someone and see if you can get your console to power up. Then you could backup your games.