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    New member

    Hello Blue, I joined for similar reasons, you are definitely not alone here. I hope you are able to find some connections here on the forum.
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    Just looking for someone to talk to

    Hello, nice to meet you! I still have to get around to playing KH3. Is it fun? :)
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    How did I get here?

    Hello Peggy, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m sorry about the situation with your family. It’s hard when there’s falling out and unresolved tension. I hope you are able to connect with some people here on the forum. I’m new here too. :)
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    What video game are you currently playing ?

    When I had time, the last game I decided to replay through was Dishonored and the Knife of Dunwall DLC, I was trying to get a few more achievements in. Being that I was in a Dishonored mood, I was going to move onto the sequel to go for any achievements I missed. Just overall one of my favorite...
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    Are On-Line Friends BETTER than In-Person?

    I don’t have any IRL friends at the moment, and though I like online friendships, I’m not sure if they’re preferable. They’re more accessible and do have a lot of pros, such as being able to talk to someone without them having to live in the same area. But they are not always online, for...
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    Relationships are so difficult to obtain these days (bit of a rant)

    Completely agree, my experience on dating apps have been the same. I don’t doubt people are able to find partners on such apps, but I have not had a personal positive experience either. The profiles are very generic and people seem to want payoff for little effort, or perhaps want to rush into...
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    All the single people..all the single people.

    Well, on the chance if anyone sees this and is interested- I am 31, female, living in the United States. Currently seeking online friendships and open to if one becomes romantic, but I must make it very clear that I am not looking to relocate or anything in person at this time due to personal...
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    What Do You Despise?

    On a less serious note, automatic toilets that flush before you are ready for them to. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. But with regards to people, I am not fond of gaslighting behavior.
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    I appreciate you all sharing your personal stories with me. It seems there are quite a few commonalities between mixed feelings. I am not sure about your situations in specifics, but I was adopted by my grandparents, so my birth mother and her siblings were not around for any duration of my...
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    Starting my life from scratch and making new friends without social media

    Model railroading is a fantastic hobby, my dad loves collecting specific train model types, so I know from him that there are usually quite a few conventions, at least within the states, that are held throughout the year where people can go to trade or buy model trains, or just to talk about...
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    I have no one to really discuss this with so I thought I might share here in case it resonates with anyone else. I understand generational trauma, and I try to be mindful about the traumatic events my parents have been through that have shaped them into the people they are today. They have a lot...
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    Hello! Very nice to meet you.
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    Movies A-Z

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    You are allowed to love people, while disliking to be around them

    This really hit. It feels somewhat of a relief on some level to read someone else’s experiences who understands. I love my parents as well, but there are a lot of complexities surrounding the situation and I have had to sacrifice a lot of opportunities as well. I know there’s no set age in which...
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    Newbie Saying Hi

    Hello, I am new to the forum as well. I can relate similarly to an early life crisis in my twenties. I hope you are able to find some contentment here in the forum with like minded people.