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The Game of the Mind.
TheUnknown Wrote:Eh well I do agree - I have been friended and now it's just hard for me to break out of that. I really wish she would just notice who it is that's trying to hold her up. Is it really a crime that I don't want to treat her like crap? My ego is not that large and I don't have the heart for it. I'll try the jealousy thing but I really doubt she cares at this point. I'm always in emotional turmoil but I guess I've adapted it as a personality trait at this point because it's very rare that i'm happy much anymore. The future is the only thing that keeps me going. Plus I highly doubt she would ever feel the way about me that she did for our friend.

You don't need to try the jealousy thing, if you think to yourself, "fuck it I've had enough, I can no longer take this shit anymore, I will no longer give my power away, forget her and her stupid games, this girl has done more then just reject me, she's strung me along all her bullshit like a puppy" then you wont want to be around this girl, you will want to approach other women, whether she notices it or not is none of your business. The future and the past hold promises of happyness or w/e, but thats wrong, it's this very moment that does. what problem do you have at this very moment? not ten seconds from now but right now?
Ah well apparently my psychological convos form an attraction that can't be broken... I thought I was making progress with that answer till she mentioned how great things are going with her and her bf - especially now that their sex lives have gotten more emotional. Slightly sick and going to bed now. =(

Ah her and her commitment issues - Newbirth was right, how long would this last anyway. Maybe it's a pipe dream I should drop and hope for more females to enter my life next year.
AngryLoner Wrote:
lonelyloser Wrote:lol. as much as we hate the "game" and wonder why people play these games we still have to play the game. In this century, the girl would fall for the guy like this:

boy: (smacks girl in the face)
girl: I love you! Please don't leave me!
That made my day thanks. I haven't laughed that hard in a while lol

lol my brother has a theory that girls like to get beat by men cause it makes them feel that he loves them soo much that he would reach to point of anger with them.. to beat them

twas funny.. what mimizu said as well.

not sure what to say to the original poster but i do hate relationship games as well. They seem to only come up at the beginning of a relationship..n since i'm single that's all the time 4 me.

It's really annoying though.. if you like a person and wish to call them 30 times a day, then do so.. if they find it annoying they will show it..then leave them alone cause you want someone who you can call 30 times a day...

Guess that's not how it is in the real world though. But i wish people were less guarded in a way.. that we didn't fake stuff in the beginning. that we could be honest.. say that we are scared e.t.c.
Oh well what do you know - the final nail in the coffin. Let's just say, if all things go accordingly, she will have found a way to remove herself from my life all together. I knew I shoulda thought before i posted anything on my myspace. I'm gunna go beat myself up over this. I'm done - it's over. The Game of The Mind has ended, and so has TheUnknown.
I hope that you're not thinking of doing anything rash. Sad

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