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Internet Assistance Needed!
So here's the deal. I've had a T-Mobile Dongle for 2 Years now. I've always paid £15 Per Month for 2GB of Data and if I go over, I pay no more but have limited internet at times. The other day, I get a text saying that by topping up (as I do every month) I could get FREE Texts. Little did I see though (as usual, I later found it in the small-print) in opting in to this deal, I'd lose any other one. I am currently either paying £2 per day for net or I have been given 500MB net which you get for topping up £15 (I didn't top up that much tonight though. So I think it's the first one)

Does anyone else here have or know much about Mobile Internet in general?

You see, I can revert to the following deals..

Internet Boosters

Booster Cost What you get How to get it
5 day Internet Booster £2.50 5 days of internet on your phone Text WEB to 441
30 day Internet Booster £5 30 days rolling of internet on your phone
£5 automatically taken Text MONTHWEB2 to 441
30 day Internet Booster £5 30 days of internet on your phone Text MONTHWEB to 441
6 month Internet Booster £20 6 months of internet on your phone Text 6MONTHWEB to 441

What I wonder though, is that seeing as I use a Dongle (A USB stick of which I insert my T-Mobile Sim Card) and not a Phone, would these deals still work?

I CAN experiment with the 5 Day Booster. But I will have to wait for my current net to run out or something. I have about 1 hour to decide before I am possibly charged £2 for tomorrows net. Any info would be nice. I don't like Googling answers. Can get so much crap.
Yes I think the deals still work, your dongle uses 3GS, what phones use for internet access. You can even send text messages though the software.

The dongle essentially acts like a modem, converting the signal to a laptop/pc rather than a phone.
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]

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