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well, hello. good to have found this site.
Thank you, Barbaloot and ladyforsaken! Smile I'm enjoying being here with all the nice people.
Great to hear! I hope you'll make some long-term good friends from here as I've done. Smile
Ahh I hope so!! That will be great!
I think you will find your own life eventually. Talk to other people. Self-disclose. Let them in.
Oh wow, I've never thought of it that way. I always thought I let very few people in and get me, I just never thought that letting people in would lead me to having my own life. Thanks, this got me thinking.
Pleased to meet you, Alyssa! i`m also new here! and I find myself relating to you quite a bit. Mainly in the "needy" department.
That being said, we are of course different people, so i`m sure that everyone here can still benefit from each other`s experience.
Anyway... welcome to the forum! don`t worry. Your still young, and I believe that you will get over this Smile
Thank you thank you. Welcome to you too! Hope to get to know you Smile

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