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Curing Social Anxiety on my own!!!
Big Grin 
You guy didn't honestly think I would come back here without a success story did ya?

OK, let make something clear: I am still desperate, depress, lonely, bore, and sad. I have 1 friend who vanish once the weekend start. I still often cry a few times a week, and have very little interaction with people beside my Econ tutor.

Now that is out of the way, I made the biggest achievement of my life not to mention a break through in Social Anxiety research. Now I feel that there is nothing I can't do, after overcoming all odds. Most of the things I read online said it "IMPOSSIBLE" to overcome SA (for short) without proper treatment, and I don't know if there is such case as being able to overcome on your own as well. Nevertheless I have done it, and even though no one seem to realize it, I am very proud of myself nevertheless.

In fact I have never felt more free and alive. I went through 19 years ever since birth being a shy person to the point that avoiding people seem to be my only solution. Jr. high and high were both scary times for me, not to mention the first two quarter of college.

So let me just say I have never been so confidence in my life until now! I would say without exaggeration that before my SA occur, around my elementary school years, when I was mildly shy, it was still worst than now. (lol I hope my wording didn't throw you guys off)

I feel free now, I can look at people in the eyes, and if I'm interested in a girl, she gonna be the first to look away, as I have manage to overcome my biggest fear. I'm confident now, but sometime I feel incredibly confidence like I was the most confidence guys on the face of the planet.

All it really took was anger, after wasting 2 month of college inside my room like a hermit, I felt like I was gonna explode, and in do so help pave the way for a more fulfilling future. It took approximately 1 month from the start of my recovery to the end. I was face with a climax that if i don't do something now, my life will be sad ,lonely, and eventually lead to suicide. I can picture myself living somewhere in the mid-west owning my own farm and having 2 dog as my best friend far away from society. That seem like the easy way out, or I could took the tough road but be the life I could only dream about. I took the tough road, and now the reward is greater than the risk.

When I'm angry I can do almost about anything, and that include walking past people without looking down or siting in the front of the bus while everyone is staring at you. It the same with fear, it make your body reach new limit, and the same can be said for anger. As a person who doesn't get angry much or can't seem to show the emotion, it finally boil inside of me, and by focusing on the negative, I manage to turn it into a positive.

I am still depress at this point but I am fully confidence that by next school year (September) my life will finally change. In fact I can't wait till September because I know that with my personality that has been hidden from me for too long, it will finally come out and play! and I will meet new people, make friends, and most of all maybe find a gf. Though what I am most excited is that I can talk to any pretty girl I see without feeling a once of sweat.

I do believe I am not exaggerating because last week I manage to talk to a good looking blond in a 95% female class (Female Physiology) in my lecture hall for over 15 minutes coming up with things to say, even commenting her, and looking in her eyes, I felt no fear, and it seem like it was all natural.

Well this is my unofficial success story, as only time will tell what will happen come September.
*Standing up, clapping hands in admiration and nodding with a smile on my face*
WOW! that has got to be the most positive post I have ever seen from you. I am genuinely shocked by what am reading from you. In a good way of course.

I think when you get so for down you take stock and really think about where your at. I think in the two months you locked yourself away this is what happened with you. you finely realized that things could get no weirs in how your feeling and there for had nothing to loss. This may seem all simple stuff to realise but in practices its just not.

Ironically enough I think am going fro a similar thing in that I am worried about a course am going on at college for some work am wanting to do. I keep reminding my self that just being stuck in with nothing to do is not right but even though I have nothing to loss I too feel scared of going to college and just the work and everything right now actually. I am dealing with emotions right now that I have not felt in a lot of years. Only because am doing stuff that's not save to me. But just like you I have to realise I have nothing to loss and every thing to gain. Man am a lot older then you but if you can come from where you was to here in such a short space of time then so can I.

That post relay cheered me up a bit. Cos Chris dude, You have written some very depressing posts. A lot of which I related to myself. This is so incredibly good.
We really needed to hear that from u dude, Well Done!!!

Ur getting closer and closer to the life u want Smile

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