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The Swirling Faces
I stood there listening to the echoes,

They returned in many dimensions of sorrow,

I felt stared at from all corners of your mind,

But unfamiliar eyes, not that I could have recognized.

An introduction to this vessel:

I mostly write odes to self in a way, serenade my soul into existence...This randomness shall go on for a little while, no excuses given.

You can share your randomness at will.
Welcome and thank you for sharing! Smile
The Instinctual Confrontation:

In times of one putting oneself out there, when the feeling isn't right; how does one judge to let it be or not be for that matter.

The response, the reaction is mostly to lie, black, blue or white!

Yet we suffer to survive as social animals, the little person inside us has no answers as to how but we still try; morally skewed. Honesty has a price, loss of friendships, opportunity, freedom, most of all the ability to touch your reflection within another!


Just a thought!

Hey wolmornu, thanks!

As I shuffle, tear and let this outburst smear me with misery,

For a moment my head pounds,

With an unimaginable number distinctions to this particular play of sway,

I carry disregard up my sleeve it stutters as the numbness spreads,

I must claw my way out...

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