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Friend seems to dislike me
I am so upset, this girl from my church who I thought was my friend had a ladies night get together and posted pictures on FB, and when I asked what it was for and if it was dress shopping she said "No. We were hanging out. And you dont need to be at every social thing I do, ok? Im sorry, but no." What the heck? She hasnt ever invited me to a single social thing shes done, ever. And then I said well sorry for asking I just felt excluded. She said theres no reason you should have felt excluded. But isnt that what you just did? And then to follow it up with an exclusive remark of I dont need to be at every social event you do. Wth? On top of that sh d made a fb post about a sushi get together and when I responded told me itwas cancelled and woulc reschedule it fof next week, then ended up cancelling again because she forgot sh ed had an appointment to get her phone fixed. Then she glared at me at church and didnt end up going to a small group prayer meeting that she was goingto go to after seeing that I was there. I dont know what to do.Omg I was at a church small group party last night and sitting with these people friends around a table when suddenly they these two friends just got up and left without even saying goodbye or anything. One of them said brb and then left. Why would they do that?? I FB messaged one of them after and said hey did you leave? I was going to say bye. And they said yeah, sorry, I kind of snuck out. No reason, I just left.
This is a difficult and painful situation for you and this girl is not handling it with kindness or with respect towards you or your feelings. I think that she clearly feels that you want to spend more time with her than she is willing to spend with you and she feels under pressure and invaded because of this and is being very blunt and harsh in pushing you away because of how stressed she is feeling. It isn't a fault in you that you want more from her than she is willing to give-it is that she doesn't value your friendship as much as you value hers. To be honest, I would try very hard to walk away from her. There will be other people out there who will offer you friendship, who will value you properly.
When it comes to churches, I have often found that they can be the hardest places to make new friends at. It shouldn't be this way, but so often it is.
Forget this person. They aren't really your friend and are not worth the unhappiness.
Forget her. Shes not worth it. As Paraiyar said.
I have my faith but folks like that keep me far from the churches.
Sadly, I've met many people just like your "friend"; it's been my personal experience that church is where you'll be sure to find the most phony, judgmental, nasty, hateful, screwed up people. Forget those losers, they're not worth any more of your time.
excuse me for preying, but is this the bride of the other thread?

So the Angel said: 'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me
& thou oughtest to be ashamed.'
I answer'd: 'We impose on one another ,
& it is but lost time to converse with you
whose works are only Analytics.'

Opposition is True Friendship
my experience with religion ...some of the most hypocritical people I have ever met
BadGuy and Crazy Squirrel...I so agree!!!
I am an atheist now.

Which I tried religion...I never met so many hateful, excluding people in my life! Sad All I wanted at that time was to have support and friends but seeing how cruel they were chased me away!
Honestly, that kind of situation is No Win. You are understandably hurt. You were excluded or at least no actively included. But, asking about it or expressing your hurt to them often makes things worse in my opinion. I mean, they either want to include you or they don't. So, why make yourself feel worse to confront them. Usually you get the response you did, which was now they will avoid you and try to make you feel worse. Just saying it rarely helps anything to try to hold their feet to the fire.
Honestly, some people just suck. They do. And, move on from them. Engaging them is a waste of your time.

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