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Forgotten Things (Dismas' Photography)
Eddyturambar suggested on chat that I should try my hand at photography, and figured it might help me feel less lonely and insecure.

Anyway, I'll just be posting my photos in this thread while I go about trying to learn the art form, if you have any feedback please let know.

This first one is called "Cold Sun Over Colorado"

[Image: YPSFu8vh.jpg]
Oh wow, niceSmile
Thanks Wayfarer Smile

I decided to try a full photo album today, tried create a little story:
Beautiful capture of a grand vintage mixed media piece. I wonder if the artist's name is Jellyfish. The link is 404 for me.
Thanks Mick Travis. I don't know what you mean by an artist named Jellyfish though, is he some guy who makes a lot of public art?

New photo:

The Coming Storm
[Image: 0cRFsDll.jpg]
(08-10-2016, 12:20 PM)JudeDismas Wrote: Thanks Mick Travis. I don't know what you mean by an artist named Jellyfish
Look at the lower left of the picture.

Your cloud picture has great color and composition. I experience some wild pareidolia from it.

I upped the contrast a bit on my end.
Thats beautiful, upload moar !!

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