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Online dating...found someone I knew
I'm part of a facebook group based on women who are shy (or have social anxiety). Someone mentioned an app called bumble. She described it as an app where you can make friends. I had a look at it and found it was a dating app too. I signed up to use the friends section of the app. Found the women too out going for me, but met a couple of nice women (one who I met still in touch with). 

There have been a couple of times where I used the dating part of the app, just to see the profiles etc. Last night was one of those times. After a few swipes left. I saw a profile of someone I knew on an aquaintance level who I hadn't seen for three years. This guy was someone I really liked and still do. I ended up swiping right. I regretted it soon after. 

In the morning I saw that he swiped right too. I ended up messaging him (the app only allows women to make the first step). He replied to my surprise. We had a very brief convo and I said that I was going to delete my profile (which I was thinking of doing for a while) and gave him my number. I regretted it again soon after. It's done now, but I know he doesn't like me the way that I do. Doubt he would message me on my phone, which is fine as I'm expecting no message. 

Why did he have to appear!  Club

Hi Kuro,
I really don't think it's a big might be feeling a bit red-faced, but don't sweat it!
Plenty of fish in the sea...good luck to you.
Well if it's a dating app he knew why you were there ...he was there for the same reason
Don't put words in his mouth .

Good luck with the date with the guy you know from your past. But heck, at least you found someone from a dating app.

BTW, how does the picture/photo option work for Bumble?

I have used dating apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel, and the photo option sucks to the max, because you have to use your Facebook profile picture to be your dating profile picture on CMB. I hate my FB photo, and I don't even go to my FB account anymore.
It's funny how people keep getting embarrassed when they encounter acquaintances on those apps/sites , happened to me too on few occasions which felt kinda weird, I didn't sweep right though because I was too shy to, so Kudos to you.  Though, on a second thought ? I did see one time a girl from my job who I really liked so perhaps it would have been an easy way to imply it.

anyway you have nothing to be ashamed of, when I was younger I was always ashamed to admit that I'm looking for love, nowadays I simply don't care, even had 1 woman from work trying to set me up with her friend because I'm opened about it and not hiding.
Well, it didn't work out. Turned out he wanted something totally different.
So what happened exactly in the end?
Basically I said that I really liked him for a long time and he asked if I was ok. I said I get by and basically said the feeling of loneliness is what's troubling me. I never tell people about my loneliness unless it's this forum, don't know what came over me. He's like aww hugs kisses and replies with thank you and he then said ok. That was it I didn't carry on the convoversation. I just didn't know what to say.

I've wanted to message him, but I'm reluctant now. Just don't want him to feel sorry for me like he has done.
What was your relationship like with him prior to this?
(12-26-2016, 05:29 AM)Gorbachov Wrote: What was your relationship like with him prior to this?

Not much of a relationship.

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