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New introvert single member
Hi. I am new here.

I am a single introvert mid-fourthies man who lacks a social life. When I was younger, I was suffering from shyness and social anxiety. I had a few friends at primary school but at high school, my friends were not at the same school so I was always alone. 

Eventually, I was bullied. A lot and for a few years. I had to fight six times to stop those bullies. I am really proud to have won those six fights with only a black eye. I received lots of encouragement for defending myself and it helped me a bit.

In college and at the university I was having good grades but I never interacted with others. I also never stay in touch with my work colleagues even if I was interested in a few girls. 

When I started working with the public, I started improving my social skills. During that time, I had a lot of one night but nothing really serious. Then, in 2010, I met THE GIRL. She was very pretty and everything I was searching for. We started as friends and a few days after we became fuckfriends and everything was great. That's what I tought but I was desesperate and really needy. I was happy when she was with me but depressed when she was not. She was the center of my life. Everything else didnt matter. 

Eventually, after three months, she told me she met another guy. That's when my life began to collapse. I was depressed for at least six months. I didnt smile much, didnt want to do activities or meet new people ...

Two years after so in 2012, I met another really interesting girl. We saw a few times as friends and I tried twice to push it further but she was just interested in being friend with me. We still see each others a few times every year. Four times this summer but when she met a guy and she is in a relationship, I dont hear from her for months.

Last week, I decided to stop pursuing her and wait for her to contact me because I am becoming needy again.

So that's my story. I dont have a social life and I am her to learn tips and tricks to improve this social life, have a girlfriend, feel less depressed and learn more about happiness and maybe help some of you.
Hi Xplorer welcome to the forum Smile

sorry to hear about your troubles with girls, wish I could give you some advice on that, but I have none.

Have you tried seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist for your depression? That can sometimes help, if not I find that hobbies and music are good for fighting off depression. I like to ride my bike and go to the gym and listen to music while I work out. I'm also fortunate to have a few relatives I can hang out with. Do you still have any family around?

I'd also recommend maybe checking out it's site where you can find people in your area with similar interests you can hang out with.

Hope that helps some, and welcome aboard Smile
I been bullied on here and in real life. I'm here as a friend for you xploer.
Thanks evanescencefan91 for your welcome.

In fact. I am not really in depression. I have up and downs but a lot of down but I am not depressed. I can still have fun, laugh ... But I really need to improve my social life. I have a very good family. I should start to train regularly and spend more time in nature.

Thanks for your tips.

Thanks soresoul. What do you mean by you have been bullied on here? You mean on this forum?
Welcome! Feel free to pm if you want to talk!

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