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Yummy yummy yummy, i got love in my tummy.
Big Grin 
...and it means i am loving you. Smile

Hi there!

I have been on this site for quite a while now and i haven't really made that many connections yet. Would anyone like to chat?. I am open to all kinds of chatting really, voice or text. 

We can chat about hobbies, current events, life stories, video games and movies (Although i am not much of a movie guy), or whatever we feel like. 

WhatsApp is preferred but hey, i ain't picky.
Hi Phantimos

I like your thread title so I'll chat to you on this thread if you want?

What hobbies do you have?
I was gonna title it "Making Connections" but i went with my "gut" instead.(get it?  Toungue )
I don't have that many hobbies but lets see. I like to play video games, i am currently playing a game called "Ace Attorney" where you solve crimes as a defense lawyer. I also sometimes read books, crime mysteries mostly. 

MOST OF ALL, i love to workout. Lifting weights, working on different muscles, getting fitter, faster, stronger is all gravy to me. I used to fight in the past, mostly boxing and wrestling....ahh good times  Big Grin .

Your turn now, what activities tickle your fancy?
I get it 😅

I play console games to, I like time management games mostly like diner dash but at the moment story of the seasons trio of towns. I'm quite outdated in my tastes I like civilisation, Tetris, super mario, street fighter. Your game sounds interesting. What platform is it on?

I read to but not a specific genre just what ever absorbs me within the first few paragraphs. I don't read much, mostly I write psychological thrillers and children's fiction. I used to write poetry in my youth.

I knit all sorts from blankets to toys to gift bags I've recently been learning intersia ( you knit a multi coloured pattern into your work like cartoons on jumpers).

I'm also learning paper mache sculpting.

I also like music I listen to a lot of different genres. Films are also something I enjoy particularly action films.

I'm not into fitness myself, I've got fibromyalgia so the activity level would cripple me.
Why did you stop boxing/wrestling? An interesting but painful hobby choice unless of course you "float like a butterfly 🐝" 😉 sounds like you miss it.

Do you have any pets? I love dogs but don't currently have one. I don't like cats/ rodents or snakes.
That game is on the Nintendo DS. i lost mine a while ago so i am emulating at the moment. There's a whole series of these games out with spin offs even. Just an FYI if you happen to like it.

You write psychological thrillers?, well color me intrigued. I would love to read any of your works if you have something to post.

I started fighting a couple of years ago, first i did boxing, then moved to a bit of wrestling as part of mma training. Those were some of the best times in my life so yeah, i do miss it. I still remember all the times my coach shouted at me or called me the n word. (hes african american himself)

"Float like a butterfly" huh?, due to my body type (and personal choice) i am less of a mohammed ali and more of a mike tyson type boxer. Just dodge and tank hits, wearing my opponent down with jabs and on the lookout for that knock out punch then POW!! or three good hook, uppercut or straight punch and thats all she wrote! Big Grin 

Recently i dove a bit into krav-maga. Very interesting and applicable fighting style i must say.

But yeah, to answer your question, i stopped to focus on uni when i traveled to the UK.

I dont have any pets, officially that is. I used to take care of a small cat family and three kittens back at my old uni. I used to love how those kittens would just rush me whenever they heard my voice.
You sound like more of a retro gamer, did you play anything modern or do you just not like modern games as much?
Wow just looked up krav-maga on u tube. Amazing form of self defence, an attacker would get a shock if they took you on mind you if you're built like Tyson they'd be a fool to even try it.
Your coach sounds like he was a hard man to please. Are you American? I'm British.

Are you still a uni student? What do/did you study? I left education at 16 but studied human psychology and canine psychology as home couses a few years later.

Those kittens sound friendly, my experiences with cats are that they don't like me 🐈

Trio of towns is a modern game, part of the harvest moon collection but generally I'm a sega, nintendo player ( the games of my generation ) I have tried PlayStation but the graphics make me ill plus I'm not into all those violent military games.

I have one book ready for reading, one stalled in the publication process but the one I'm most proud of I'm currently writing and its the one I'll send you when I'm finished it's good to get an independent opinion before I self publish. Different to my others it's about three boys who call up the spirit of a serial killer.

Where in the UK are you? I'm in Lincolnshire.
Have you travelled around much? Cornwall is my favourite place it's so beautiful.
What are you up to today? I'm doing housework not much else, got an ear infection that's driving me crazy.
hah!, if i had a nickel(or pence) for every time someone thought i was american. Rolleyes

Usually this would be the time where i ask you to guess where i am from but alas, that game only works irl. Very hard to guess if you can't see me or hear me talk.

Anyhoo, drum roll please.......I am Egyptian. I came to the UK to finish my Bachelors degree and now i am doing a PhD at Huddersfield University down in west yorkshire.

Modern Graphics make you ill?, hmm...i can see that happening i guess what with all the hyper fast action on screen. I am not into those military games either btw. I prefer playing games that either have something to say or are very engaging with fast paced reflex based gameplay.

Ahh!, you should not have told me what the book was about. Now i am hyped for it! Big Grin . That theme isn't helping either, now i really wanna read it.

I haven't traveled around that much. I went to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. Malaysia was my favorite cause i went on a mini jungle adventure with my big bro.

PS: Just throwing a speculation out there. You said early nintendo and sega games where the ones of your childhood. So, taking into account the lifespan of those consoles, i'd say you were born sometime in the early 80s (or possibly very late 70s). Which you put you in the mid to late 30s crowd. Am i right or am i right? Toungue .

Oh and i am just sitting in the computer lab doing research work at the moment. Might run some simulations later in the day but most likely not, we'll see.
Even in real life I would never have guessed you were Egyptian 😊 the UK must seem cold and boring in comparison.

I have an uncle living in West yorkshire. Do you travel around Yorkshire much? Whitby and Robin hood's bay in the North are said to be nice places to visit.

A jungle adventure sounds exiting, did you see any exotic wild animals? 🐊

Your right early 80's, I'm 36. Being a Phd student I'd guess you're in your late 20's?

Ok I'm curious about Egypt as I'm sure everyone you meet is, I hope it's ok to ask the following just ignore if not.

Have you ever ridden a camel? 🐪 I had a teacher who rode one and he said it's a bumpy uncomfortable ride, but that could be because the camel bit him. He showed us the bite mark it was very unusual to see.🐫

Are you interested in ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs, valley of the kings, pyramids? I find it interesting.

Have you been into the desert?
Experienced a sandstorm? ( they look frightening)
Ever seen a Cobra or scorpion?
Yes!!, i knew it! Big Grin . To be honest, when you said "Back in my youth" in an earlier post i thought you would be 50 or something. 36 isn't old at all so you're still young in my book. 

Yes i am 26. Just turned this past april. 

I didn't see any exotic animals on that particular trip, unless you count malaysian monkeys. There is so many of them there. It's like cats or dogs here. I remember feeding this little monkey that was always having his food stolen by bigger stronger monkeys. They tried to steal the food even as i was feeding him but i quickly showed them who's boss by placing my hand firmly between them and him while shooting them a death stare and showing my teeth. Worked like a charm  Big Grin

I came to the UK purely for career advancement reasons. I traveled a little bit to london and manchester, did some touristy things and even almost got arrested once but i never really explored the UK no.

I don't mind you asking me that kind of stuff btw, its natural to be curious. Yes i did ride a camel once and yes it was bumpy and a little uncomfortable, the desert nomads sit on camels in a certain way to compensate. All in all its something to get used to. The camels i have seen were usually very tame, unless someone provokes them. Not sure if your teacher did something or he just wound up with an asshole camel.

I am not that interested in ancient egypt. I am not that connected with my country's culture either. I have been in the desert once on a camping trip and yes i saw snakes, cobras, and scorpions but mostly i saw and had to deal with a lot of ants. Not the usual ant mind you, a slightly bigger and faster version.

I have experienced many many sandstorms. You dont have to be in the desert to be in one back home. It's just a part of life. Little annoying BUT, i loved them.....cause school got cancelled Toungue . Most sandstorms arent windy or violent. Imagine the thick London fog on a cold night, now replace the fog with sand clouds and that is what it would be like usually.
Thanks for answering those questions 😊, I forgot Egypt had those huge ants. Oh and I do count Malaysian monkeys as exotic wild animals you certainly don't get them here. ( maybe in a zoo but that's not an exciting encounter).

London and Manchester I avoid too higher crime risk for me. Almost arrested that must have been worrying, I was stopped and searched as a teen in Liverpool it does make you nervous of the police I just see an officer and think what have I done.😨

What kind of films do you like?

Have you seen how many views this thread is getting? I'm wondering why on a forum where people want to make connections no one is joining in our conversation.
Have you made many friends since joining the forum?

I can't think what else to write, must be my age, I must find my zimmer 😉 ha ha! 😛

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