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I shouldn't be here.
This is the worst timing. 
I shouldn't have logged in. 
I don't want to end up spending hours typing on the threads.

I am about to quit my job to prepare for higher studies. And that'll require me to study for 14-15 hours a day. 
The job is fine, I work as a CTO in a regional company. And I get a ton of offers as well. But when you have options, your perspective changes. 
I am not lonely anymore. A few of the older members might know me. My problems are different. They have more to do with performance, energy and focus. I am super motivated now, to work, to take things to the extreme. And loneliness, depression, etc that used to dominate me in the past, as you can see from my earliest threads,  they are laughable now. 
In the last two years, I have conquered milestone after milestone. Made a ton of money and a great network with CEOs and GMs. 
It was fun. And yeah, rejected women after women. 

Not really bragging about it. But I just want to point out that if I can do it, its not impossible for you: To get out of these problems.
I went from a kid with gynophobia and loneliness to..... a stronger version of my self.

I think everyone has the potential to get out of misery.

I actually logged in seeking for a friend I met here. He's might have left this world. If he's still lurking somewhere on this overpopulated planet, all the best wishes to him. If he's not, may he rest in peace.
Smile   Toungue
Wow, good for you! Smile
Don't forget to relax and unwind occasionally, with all that studying you're going to be doing.

It is kind of bragging... but who cares, when something goes well you want to share it, right?
Hopefully you'll inspire others to make positive changes in their lives as well.
I hope things continue to go well for you.

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