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I registered here because I'm hoping for someone who can lend an ear. My present situation sucks so much that I doubt I can get advice, but I guess advice is still welcome. I would want more consoling than advice, however, I'm not picky.

I am gay. While I might hypothetically be okay with living in my State for years to come if I was somebody who didn't have a type, if you don't like any man who wants to pick you up from some gym, you are SCREWED over here. You don't really grasp the reality of this unless you happen to be emo yourself, but if you are emo, you quickly learn that people are lying when they say Emohood is a subculture. And I don't know, MAYBE in other parts of the United States this might be true, but at least in the hellhole I've lived in my whole life, or Texas, it just isn't like that... It is a counterculture. If it was a subculture, people would not throw a slew of crap at people who are in the counterculture because they say we all are whiny and don't understand true pain, further saying we are easy to hate because we apparently are all suicidal. Except... wait... If they hate us so much for reasons actually genuine, you'd think that they'd be glad at the prospect of us ending our lives... Because they hate us?

Idiots. This world is filled with idiots. And I don't want much from life, but I do want to find a boyfriend that feels such a solidarity with me, so obviously I'm only into other emo guys.

I wish I could move someplace, some country maybe, that is less judgmental and more diverse, but the thing is I'm going to have to wait years for that. The reason behind this is that my Mom is disabled, so I'm not going to just abandon her in the years when she still can live alone at least relatively fine (me and my brother care for her because she is in a wheelchair, and her disease is one which worsens over time). She will have to move into a nursing home eventually (because her condition is one which worsens), but the family doesn't know exactly when. So for now, we make sure that she's having her days as easy as can be.

I am lonely in the sense that I wish I could have a boyfriend that I actually like. Not lonely in the sense of friendship, however. I do not have many friends, but at the same time, I don't really have a need for friends, at least to the extent that other people do. When it comes to finding a mate, however, I am just like everyone else - well, most of them. I mean, I know that there are people who don't feel romantically attracted to other people at all well into adulthood even though that is quite rare.

I'm a lastborn although I've only got that one sibling I mentioned earlier. As a result, I can lend an ear to any fellow lastborns who PM me. My childhood was terrible.

I am a 20-year-old gay emo kid, an extremely introverted lastborn, and the reason my screen name is what it is is that I really miss the mid-2000s, especially 2006 and 2007. I know some people may view '07 as a late-2000s year, but I don't know, except for the last month or so of the year, it definitely felt like a part of the mid-2000s to me.
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(09-29-2019, 03:58 AM)ahsatan Wrote: [Image: Welcome-Glitters-17.gif]

Thank you.
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(09-29-2019, 06:24 AM)HugMe Wrote: Welcome

Thank you.

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