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Dec 1, 2022
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Indiana, USA
Hey is this website for loners, depression, loneliness or something else? What's this website to you?

I was frequent on a now dead forum called Loners-Club for years and it only felt right to really involve myself because there was at most ten people on one at a time. It's been a handful of years since then and that's about the extent of my forum experience. I'm mainly here for a loner aspect of this place to answer my own question.

I don't really know much about forum etiquette and I couldn't spell the word if there was a gun to my head so I'm just going to insert my two cents when I feel like it's appropriate. Also I'll probably end up liking too many posts without being involved in the conversations.
you're free to do as you're doing. i came here out of curiosity, feeling depressed and lonely and having a poor relationship, but i feel like i'm giving more than i'm taking away from this forum, which is fine too. if i can help anyone, i give myself some value.

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