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Don't know how to talk to her
17 year old guy here. Unfortunately I am not the most socially skilled neither am I the "cool guy" at school that all the girls want. Anyway I am interested in a girl, and im really confident in my ability to lead a healthy relationship that could lead me out of my misery. I do not have many friends but I do know im different from other guys. I am not here to show off, or brag, but I do know I deserve to be with someone; after all it's a basic human need to be appreciated for who you are. Now she is not in my grade, she is younger, but I dont know how to talk to her. I already looked for mutual friends, and there is 1 but not sure how I can arrange her to introduce me. I need help. I never had a girlfriend before, and I am lonely. I want to give it a shot... 
Any help would be appreciated
Please dont trash talk either, I am sensitive
First, don't count on a girl to pull you out of anything.  It might help a little, but it's better to do that without someone else.  That way if things don't work out, you will still be okay.  

As for the introduction, why not just say hi to her?  Why not just go up to her and introduce yourself? Just say "Hi, I'm whoever"  I don't know if you have issues with guys too, but a girl is not much different. We are all humans, after all.

Do you have anything in common?  Sports, art, band, whatever?  That could be your way in. You could talk about that or something she does that you know about.   
How much younger is she?
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 17vcow.jpg]
Don't talk to girls. They're evil and vicious. Become secluded and learn to live by yourself. The world will want to talk to you then. *add annoying gif here*

So the Angel said: 'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me
& thou oughtest to be ashamed.'
I answer'd: 'We impose on one another ,
& it is but lost time to converse with you
whose works are only Analytics.'

Opposition is True Friendship
Firstly I agree with Real Callie that you shouldn't rely on someone else to get you out of something, it's much better to get things straight then go for a relationship rather than the other way around. That said, who's to say your problems are all that great? When I was 17 (many centuries ago, hah hah) everything seemed a massive problem, including how to approach girls. I felt like a loner and an odd one out, etc etc.

It might sound old fashioned, but if you're worried about how to talk to her you might try writing a note. You'd have to think of somewhere to leave it for her to find, or who to give it to who could pass it on. Or you could just talk to her if you get a chance. You might be surprised how open she is to talking, you might also get massively turned down, but at least you gave it a go. If it doesn't work out, well, you're 17. Plenty more girls out there and plenty more years to find them in.

You don't have to be a bragger or a show off to be a decent guy, life's show-offs seem to cause some of humanity's biggest problems!
Take time to find yourself. After all you're only 17 so you have ages to meet and eventually get a bunch of friends around you, but for now, take time getting to really know this girl, and she of you. I reckon that it can take as long as 6 months before you really get to know someone - so don't fret, just take your time with her, okay? Don't be too fast in judging her. We all have faults because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. But for the time being focus on becoming good friends. You'll know that when the two of you get to sit in comfortable silences.

For me, relationships with men turned out pretty terrible because I am blazingly attractive, so men used to hit on me all the time - until I just got to grips with the looks and bewitching eyes and found a way past that, so my daughter and I could have great fun together. She really is a sassy girl. And, life is good. Big Grin
First of all congratulations on wanting to be friends with a girl you are interested in. That is a healthy thing to want to do.
Realize however, that a dating relationship does not make you "all together" and may not even get rid of your loneliness.

It may seem on the surface that young dating couples, walking hand in hand, have it all together. They seem to be the happiest people on the planet. Sure they have moments of happiness. But they still need life experience They still need to know how to relate to each other beyond just physical attraction. They need to know what their purpose is. How to navigate life.

My best advice is to connect with a youth group at a local church. Find a group with a good leader where you can ask about dating and getting answers to the big questions in life. Talk to the leader and seek answers to your questions. They are there to help. You will also find some friendly people to relate to. Pray that you will find the right group.

P.S. Don't worry about not having a girlfriend at 17. Now is the time to learn how to be the man that God made you to be. Then the time will be right to date.

Good luck my friend!

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