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How good are you at mathematics ?
Every government test i have to write for a better job and salary involves lots of mathematics .

I found two books with which i can improve my mathematics .

I am sharing it here

Denise, Ph.D. Szecsei-Homework Helpers_ Basic Math And Pre-Algebra-New Page Books (2006)

Arithmetic And Algebra...Again

Those books can help me prepare for government tests for government jobs

The problem is i cant find enough motivation to practice those mathematics in the book .

Please help
Let me also suggest this book too

Allan Bluman - Pre-Algebra Demystified-McGraw-Hill Professional (2004)

All of the three books i mentioned here should give you a good understanding of the basic mathematics .

I know many including myself are struggling with basic mathematics or pre algebra

So good luck
I suck at math and I think I genuinely hate it. 
It's so horrible that I flee from every math situation.
Bleh 😐
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There are websites that can help, even some for games. Check out Cool Math Games. My kids always liked that site.
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
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Basic Maths For Dummies (UK Edition) by Colin Beveridge (published 2011 and paperback still costs under a tenner). It's a good read. Smile
I was not very far from being a genius at math. That being said, school was about 25 years ago. I've probably forgotten more than I ever knew lol.
Only thing I can recommend is practice. There is no secret to being good at math, or any other discipline. Repitition. Practice and examples. It's the only way to get better.
i'm very bad at math.
must be me right?  Cool

I already went through this book

Denise, Ph.D. Szecsei-Homework Helpers_ Basic Math And Pre-Algebra-New Page Books (2006)

This is one of the best basic mathematics books i have ever read .

I cleared a lot of little doubts with the help of this book

So i decided to get a copy of every book written by Denise Szecse
Asian Level fail. I don't live up to this stereotype sadly. Or I'd have a better job. lol
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