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I open to becoming pen pals, I want to talk to more horror fans. Smile
Voice chat, if you're interested.
Favorite horror flick?!
(11-18-2019, 06:38 AM)Jacky Wrote: I open to becoming pen pals, I want to talk to more horror fans. Smile

What constitutes a pen pal in this day and age?  I mean, the underlying premise is that you use a pen, which would surmise snailmail.  I imagine that would be much more personal, and a photo enclosed could even be touching.  But if you mean email or PM or Facebook, how is that different from here?

(02-28-2020, 01:07 PM)Autumntranspire Wrote: Favorite horror flick?!

I'm not sure if I believe in horror films.  Suspense, thriller, sure, but when were you truly horrified from a movie?

That's funny coming from me.  I can scare myself just opening a car door in the dark.  You know how the light comes on and makes it harder to see two feet into the shadow?  And then there is a noise.  There is always a noise.  You close your door, the light goes out and before your eyes become accustomed you hear a breath.  You imagine something four legged with razor teeth in a mouth that could swallow your head.  You Try not to run, but it's there.  You know it's right behind you.  You quicken your pace, feeling foolish, knowing it's your imagination, but you can't help it.  You dash for the door.  It's locked.  You fumble your keys.  Finally you get the door open.  You squeeze in even before there is room enough.  You slam the door closed and lock it!  You fall against it breathing heavily.  And then you feel silly.  You laugh at yourself.  There was never anything there.  Your relief is so overwhelming that you sleep like a baby.  In the morning you get a cup of coffee, sipping it with toast and raspberry jam.  The door bell rings.  It's your neighbor.  He tells you that six of the neighborhood dogs are missing.  What was that breath, really?

Anyway, I'm a Stephen King fan.  I enjoy those old B movies made for TV.  Cujo is likely my favorite of his.

I hate people violence on people so I avoid slashers.  They've become full of jump scares anyway.  What a cheap way to make a horror movie.  Give me monsters.

And I still don't go into the water.

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