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nena Wrote:I have a Yorkshire Terrier 'Misty' and a parakeet 'Violet' both trained by me. They do help when you are alone and sad. However, be careful animals can also pick up your vibes and become depressed themselves. This happened to my Misty and she started  laying there not wanting to do anything, like me. She is fine now, but this made me worst,. Knowing I could cause sadness in a creature that is so beautiful. (sorta made me hate myself more)

Maybe thats what happened to my dog. When I was depressed and stopped walking him, he would just lay down and do nothing. But now I feel abit better and have started walking him again, he's full of energy and ready to go!!
- Blue Sky I am glad you started feeling a bit better. Taking care of that pet (friend) he/she will never leave your side. Pets are true friends, at least I believe so.

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