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alonelylife made marriage!
Well, Jales and I got married almost two years after meeting here at

We want to say, thank you to all those who keep alonelylife running, and
continue to have hope to all those who feel alone.

I have not felt truly alone in about two years.. it is possible to make friendships that can heal and complete you. Just never lose hope, keep meeting people, and be as honest as you can be.

So, that's our success story. Smile
I tried to attach a picture.

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.jpg   P1000108.JPG (Size: 70.48 KB / Downloads: 497)
That's a nice pic, you two look good together.

Thanks for showing us a bit of the positive side of life! Smile

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Congratulations Big Grin. Wish you all the best Big Grin
Time is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. Is it my time finally? Who knows.. Anyways, Bye!

guys, i hope you will be happy and wonderful company for each other Big Grin
thank you so much
for sharing, and for being such an awesome reminder to the fact that sometimes life gives us good things Big Grin
oh, and you both are charming and beautiful and look SO awesome together Big Grin
i want to hug you both Big Grin
even new life is fuel.

Congrats! Big Grin I'm very happy for you guys, wish you all the best for the future!

Love the picture! *Hugs* Big Grin

you guys look beautiful together you really do Smile
awww that's so sweet that's such a beautiful picture you guys both look so happy together

Big Grin

best of luck for the future I hope guys have a long and happy life together

congrats...and thank you for sharing such great news!
Congratulations, that is just great Smile
Congratulations! You two make a cute couple. Smile

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