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When washing up always put the knives in the bowl the same way round ie if the left hand is the one that dives into the suds put the handles to the left. Never grab a sharp blade again.

If your kettle starts to pour slowly/erratically and has a wire mesh filter, take it out and just cover with vinegar in an eggcup or similar and leave overnight.
TheRealCallie said:
painter said:
How does it break in the first place? Is it an American thing? :s

Well, it happens when one screws it in too tightly. If it's an American thing, I would have to guess that we just screw tighter than you. :p

In Canada we tend to screw things just right so they don't break, are reusable, and remain serviceable for very long periods of time :D
These seem helpful, so I'll pass them along :D

If you find a toilet in your dream, don’t use it.

Rob a bank, you will have no trouble with rent or bills for the next 20 years, whether you are successful or not.

No matter how nice the hand soap smells, don’t leave the restroom smelling your fingers.

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