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It is my anticipation that a wish is powered by the inner mind. If you think about the wish it will never come true.

I was restoring a bike I'd found somewhere. It needed new tires and the sort. Among the sorts needed was a seat. As I looked at the work I'd done I nonchalantly said, I wish I had a new bicycle seat. And I went about my work.

Not 30 minutes later, on the very top of an over filled dumpster, setting like a store display, was a brand new racing saddle.

So where does the power to grant a wish come from? The deep subconscious has something to do with it.

So the issue with a wishing site is to understand how to get them to wish without them paying attention to their wish.

I could easily set up a site that left them to enter wishes in text form. That's not even hard. But how to get them to reveal their wish without typing it?

I really want to try. I'm working on it.
I'm still excessively divided. I've been inventing a new bicycle now for seven years. It's third variant is on the bench as we type. It's been on the bench since September. But I'm getting close!

So, too much to do, always something, usually something to be done in order to do the other something. E.G. I needed a lathe. I can't afford one, so I built one. It's just a chuck on a spindle with a sliding vise. But it got my parts made. It's just, you know, time is getting short for this old guy. I need to prioritize.

I'm abandoning the typical blog. I decided I didn't really like my last blog. Three side by side columns where I'd post work, life, and fun. It looked good. But it was still a blog.

I've been perusing news sites. I've been considering something to look more like them. Who knows. Maybe it will blossom to more than just my opinions and draw other contributors.

Rohini, would you like a column for your Vedisms?

Finish might make a good Dear Abby. HAHAHA!! Wow, I can see it now... The Finish Line.

I hate plastics. They will be the end of us. But as hard as I've tried to avoid them, Styrofoam sheets are the best material for my toy airplane. I can hot cut parts in mass rather than hand cutting balsa. I don't think the web store will be too hard to develop. My host has templates for that.

As for the wishing site, I think it should be more wish training than wish granting. Articles about wishes achieved. Are there such things as famous wishes? People have wished forever. If there isn't a wishing guide somewhere there should be.

I think having a place where they explain why they want their wish could distract them from the wish. You will seldom get a wish if you wish it and then think about it.

Wishing is tricky. You can wish to have all the money you need for the rest of your life. But if you die right after, wish granted. If you wish for the money for a long and happy life... well, you get the idea.

So as it stands now, psudo-news, toy store, and wish site.

I do stay busy. I like to keep moving. I really do spread myself thin, but things get done in their time. I learned long ago, if I push it I break it.

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