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It’s futile
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Feb 5, 2023
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I know there's a few music related threads on the forum already, but this is slightly different. I wanted to share some Spotify playlists with you all. Playlists I created for various reasons. Sorry if you don't have Spotify. If you listen to any, please don't just the whole playlist by the first song or two you hear. I hope it brings you some pleasure like it does for me.

The Gym Set - stuff that I sometimes use to workout to.

The Drift - named deliberately for the way you can drift into the realm of your choice

Cinemascape - many songs from various motion pictures that can move you emotionally

Awesome '70s - with a few 60s and 80s songs thrown in

Smooth Lounge Jazz - nice for sitting by the fire with a glass of your favorite beverage

The Flight - a collection of chilled out grooves starring Flight Facilities, Crooked Colors, Rufus Du Sol, Mansionair, Running Touch, Loverbirds, Cosmo's Midnight, Telenova & Others

Cool Women of Jazz - various women with appealing voices over the decades

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