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Wallet scam warning! In the supermarket, whilst packing shopping into the car , you may be approached by two fit 18 year old Eastern European girls in tight, tiny tops. They wash your windscreen with their boobs up against the window and ask for a lift to the next supermarket as payment. On the way they will strip down and perform oral sex on each other. One will then climb in the front and go down on you while the other attempts to steal your wallet!. I had mine stolen last Friday, Saturday, Sunday twice on Monday and once again today so BE CAREFUL!. ps you can buy wallets for 99p at poundstretchers.
Whoo Whoo!, I got my publicans license this morning, I can legally sell alcohol ..... guess I'll have to find a pub now. If any of you are ever down Hampshire way and fancy a night of debauchery and hedonism look for The Black Hart ( I wanted to call it ' Titi's' after my favourite thing but it's way too 'Carry on'. First pints on me. 💥
The advices how to become less poor/loose a weigth on internet make me mad. It seems you have to be rich to become rich. Like "invest/start your own business". Invest what? Or have less stress, I don't have any stress, it stress who has me and I didn't ask it for it.
or educate yourself... I wonder what kind of self-education can really work out if the first question on the interviews is always about your experience and "for how many years", even for the juniors. So even if you are very lucky, you probably can get a paid-free job, but to get it you need to have some money.
Or sleep more/have some sport/walk every day - if I walk, then I can't sleep more, if I sleep more I can't go for a walk. :unsure:
I know myself how to become more sucessful if you are already sucessful, but what do you do if you are a loser? A loser with the responsibilities.
Not like I was hoping to find something useful though :)

I am thinking I just hate my work, because of it I'm always in hurry, always tired, always late and all my cooking get burnt... and still not enough money:rolleyes:
How do people answer "Do you speak English?" here...
-A little = yes, we can have a conversation in English, no problem
-No/shake their head = I don't want to speak English, but it doesn't mean I can't
-Yes, I do = probably it's the only phrase I can say in Englsih
When one wakes up to experience their last day, how often do they know it's the last?
Well, I have illness which triggers cancer at the age of 35 in big percentage of cases. xD So I will let you know very soon. xD
Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah , new body in Heaven is my cup of tea. :D I don't give a 5h1t about this current one. :D Let's hope that odds are big on God not mess me up this next time. xD
I haven't used an umbrella in ages. But I just had to use one now. It's one of those things you don't really think about until you need one. I don't think I have one of my own, I should look into that sometime ☔
Forecast said 5% chance of rain later today, so I left my umbrella at home. I usually take it only when the chance reaches 15-20%. Well, guess how I got wet.

With all this AI stuff nowadays, can't they get the weather forecast right even for later the same day?
and Mrs. Reardon says he has a brother somewhere
People who advise in their articles(not the comments) on internet to "walk to work", where do they live?
I was curious and checked, in my previous life it would take me 3h45min to get to work. Most people I know, work a little bit close, so it would take them 2-3 hours.
And where I do live now, this city is smaller, so if I worked somewhere in the place, where there are a lot officies, it would take me just 2 hours. And there is a small town nearby, people from there come here to work, it would take them only 7.5 hours to walk.
All the big cities seem to be like this.

P.S. But I do walk! From a bed to a computer :ROFLMAO:

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