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Jun 1, 2008
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Where the faeries live, Silly.
I would love to know what makes you happy. 

A few things for me are:

The sound of children laughing at the park
Playing with my crazy dog
The first bite of a good meal when I'm really hungry
Watching Birds
Getting a really good deal at a boot sale  :p Reuse, recycle, baby!
The smell of rain
Walking in the early morning fog- it makes everything so mystical and otherworldly
Rashi2Learn said:
Walking in the rain and traveling; I don't think anything else can make me happier

Hi Rashi! Where do you like to travel to? I think walking in the rain is cool too! There is a saying about some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. 

ahsatan said:
no pain
Nice people

Hello again Ahsatan :) Those are some great things. I agree about animals. They really do give unconditional love. I take it you must be in pain a lot? I could be wrong. You seem like a very nice person. What kind of music do you like?

soresoul said:

Hi Soresoul, AEW? I'm guessing that is wrestling? Do you have a favorite wrestler?

Adrian7878 said:
For me must be travelling and meeting new friends.

Hello Adrien :) How was New York? Did you make it to Bangkok yet? I bet you must be busy with your endeavors  :shy:
Drawing, watching my favorite movies, playing DCUO, and listening to music. Also, lately going to work cheers me up.
Hey Naleena

Yes animals r so great!
Thanks! U seem very nice too!
Yea I struggle with chronic pain which is very difficult.
I like punk, alternative rock, emo screamo metal , folk , some pop.
What kind do u like?
What makes me happy? My boyfriend, my studies, quiet time alone with my thoughts, hot bubble baths

ahsatan said:
Hey Naleena

Yes r so great!
Thanks! U seem very nice too!
Yea I struggle with chronic pain which is very difficult.
I like punk, alternative rock,  emo  screamo metal , folk , some pop.
What kind do u like?

I also suffer with chronic pain and other stuff. It sucks. I can't remember what it is like to not have pain, I've been like this for so long
Hello naleena.

Yes AEW is a new wrestling organization that opened up. I don’t have a particular favorite modern day wrestler but I do like MJF a lot. It’s a place where real wrestling matters not people only watching it because a wrestler has a nice smile.
Hey Nibbysaurus

So sorry u struggle too. I've had it too for years so  it's hard to remember what pain free is like. It's so depressing.
Watching a thunderstorm.
Drinking fresh coffee in the morning.
Cuddling with my cats.
Reading a good book.
Enjoying a breakfast sandwich.
Spring weather.
Watching a movie.
Doing needle point.
Browsing the web.
Playing games.
Doing puzzles.
Taking naps.
*When I wake up and for a second I’m pain free and I forget limitations.
*Animals, any wild or domestic
* when people like what I sell in the shop.
*cool days
my spouse
free from narcissists people
my own self is back
my goal is clear and undisturbed
i get to see anything within limits
i get to write anything within limits
i get to talk anything within limits
i don't care what toxic people says
my cat
i get to avenged
my reputation cleansed
Walking my dogs in the forest
Talking to my sister,can tell her everything and she gives good advice
The kids...sometimes
Mint chocolate
My motorbike
The wife ...sometimes
My customers, I choose them ,they don't choose me.
being polite to the others, 
skills that others have but I do not have, 
a tasty meal, 
funny animals, 
good film,

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