What was the last thing that you took a picture of?

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I took a picture of my son today. Its insane how much he has changed in just the last few months. He has lost most of the roundness and his features aren't as soft. His dimples aren't deep like when his face was fuller, still prominent but its like they are longer, more masculine I guess. Big light brown almond shaped eyes and the best set of eyebrows for a boy. Wide mouth but not too full lips. He is quite handsome, everyone says so. Im just glad he looks like his dad and not me. Anyway, yep...he is what I took several pictures of today.
Oh my dog!! Im freaking obsessed with these chickens. Im taking pictures of chickens...this is living the dream people living the dream. I really want a pygmy goat now.
Ah, it was a can of soup.


Not my photo
Locust actually, I've been watching it grow. 3" now. So has an Assasin Bug too, its gone..


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