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  1. 4No1

    I hate driving

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, you're right, it's more about the people not about a car itself. The main problem is that I should be focused on a driving, I'm not bored, I'm over-focused. I try to observe 360 degrees all the time. Maybe I should take it easier and accept the things I can't...
  2. 4No1

    Is going back to school the only way left to make friends??

    I have some friends(most of them I see once a year and our interests are quite different now, I'm not sure we are still friends), but the options don't work for expanding a network as well. At least in my case. Have no idea how do people meet each other "everywhere", maybe they are just...
  3. 4No1

    I hate driving

    I don't mind it when the traffic is low or somewhere on a highway but I just hate driving in a city, in the jams. Half of the drivers do not care about the rules, turn left from the line 'only right', turn without showing it, parking anywhere they like and so on, some even don't let the...
  4. 4No1

    Trying to workout from home , 2nd Attempt !!!!

    It's almost 2 weeks I haven't done anything. So bad, I need to pull myself together.
  5. 4No1

    I am trying to stay focused , please cooperate with me !!!

    ^If your parents don't understand that you should learn to get a good job, can you tell them, you are working so they can't disturb you? But it would be a lie. (though working on your education) PS I can understand you as my mother don't understand as well, for her sitting in front of a...
  6. 4No1

    Questions for the Women

    ^ I think, that maybe sometimes there is no logical reasons. I wouldn't like myself any explanations, even if there is a reason like I'm not good thin/thick/old/young/dull/funny. What can it change? What else it could be except blaming this way or other? I think, the best way is just to say smth...
  7. 4No1

    I am trying to stay focused , please cooperate with me !!!

    Do you mean your family? If so, will it be good for them if you get a new job? Do you have to study every day? Studing and working are difficult to mix, at least for me. Good luck with it!
  8. 4No1

    Female empowerment in the mainstream media

    Why not? I also do. Digital though but I have a few paper as well. I don't watch TV much so I don't know anything about Batwoman, no idea, what is it. But I think they(mass-media) try to make the shows that people would like don't they? Why do they like it? I don't know as haven't seen any of...
  9. 4No1

    Questions for the Women

    As we say here, "never read the soviet newspapers before dinner"(M.Bulgakov)
  10. 4No1

    Questions for the Women

    I don't think there is an ethical obligation and I can understand why a man would prefer not to tell.
  11. 4No1

    Trying to workout from home , 2nd Attempt !!!!

    ^ Did you anger end suddenly or you just wanted to make 50?)) Seriously, it's cool and nice for you health. Did you feel better and calm after it? It's a good idea to make push ups when smth enrage you. I think I'll try it.
  12. 4No1

    What is an Interesting Person?

    Have the same question, wanted to make a thread and found this one. I thought about the topic because when I'm asked "have you seen" my usual answer is "no". No Alien, no Predator, no Futurama, no Starwars and so on. I was called "uneducated" for not watching Intestellar)) But I've heared the...
  13. 4No1

    Trying to workout from home , 2nd Attempt !!!!

    3* 1. Lying Scissors, 30 2. Reverse cruncehs, 10 3. Crunches, 15 4. Scissors, 30 5. Strait legs raises and benting, 10 6. Bent legs raises left-right, 10 times 7. Back rising, 10
  14. 4No1

    letters never mean to be read

    It's not so easy to write even though you'll never read it. And it's weird to talk to you in English by the way. You know I still like when you are near me. I think I've always have. Years pass by and it doesn't change. I hoped, it would stop but you're still a kind of an obsession. A strange...
  15. 4No1


    I wonder if there is smth absolute. Even The Absolute Zero is quite relative due to it's defenition.