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    sum up your life at the moment in a few words

    Progressive daily death. Remote hopeful reward. Bored striving failing.
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    Are you one with nature?

    That actually happened to me, except I was visiting my parents in the countryside and helping them with the garden. As luck would have it, a pretty big wasp nest was hidden in a bush. After I got 3 consecutive stings, I kinda bolted and ran away until the lil buggers calmed down. Ouch lol Idk...
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    Well, as I mentioned, I used to go to a psychologist. Not specifically for that reason. I've tried 3 so far. It's kind of a given in this case tbh. Who else should know but me? lol ok
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    I mean, I would. It was actually suggested to me at one point. However I don't know if I have the right frame of mind for that. I might try, if anything, for the novelty of it, once things get calmer at work and I'm not forced to do overtime. To be fair, as I think is rather evident, I have...
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    Idk, I guess I would either read, watch movies, or idk, learn something new. Just not work. Yes, I like being alone. I like peace and quiet. And I don't know the answer to the latter question.
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    You are probably right, but how am I supposed to? Covid aside I literally don't have much time to go out, anywhere. I have literally no one to do things with, so what I do is going on walks or to the mall or to the supermarket. I also feel worse after dark. That is why, even if I had triple the...
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    The issue is, I just don't know things about myself. It's one of those cases where being "at a distance" would help a lot in seeing the bigger picture. But well, being ourselves as we do, such a step back, at least for me, is not possible. The consequence is, I keep "seeing" always the same...
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    Apathy being a problem

    I mean, everything feels the same sort of flat-ish. I do have hobbies and I do sometimes try new things. It's just there's nothing that stands out in any way and yeah... it all feels boring or pointless. Of course I can say I want generic "undefined" things... like everyone. Like, who doesn't...
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    I did try it, 2-3 times. It doesn't help that there's not much of a choice in my area, but my interests aren't common and so, one time I went to one, and it was basically deserted, another time I went and there were too many people and got anxious and left ( D: I know) and one more time I was...
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    Apathy being a problem

    What do you mean? Also not sure if related but your comment here I agree more. It could be maybe I'm unconsciously doing this to myself in order to not have to do things. Although it doesn't change that whatever the...
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    Apathy being a problem

    I have been depressed in the past. Undiagnosed. My last psychologist doesn't think I am, and I probably wasn't and am not now. This thing has been going on more or less for most of my life. I can't even remember when it started. Maybe in middle school? Last year of elementary school? No idea...
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    Apathy being a problem

    The issue is simple, the solution probably a bit less. I've got no drive, no desire, no goals. Or at the very least nothing definite. I mean, anyone would want their life to be good/better. Most probably I'll just choose some goal at random just to try and work towards something. I have some...
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    I wish people knew...

    I wish I knew who I am too.
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    What websites do you go to everyday???(Porn doesn't count)

    Google, Youtube, Wuxiaworld, and others for streaming. Less often maybe Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon
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    I realize friends come and go. Your best bet is to be your own best friend cuz you're stuck with you for life.

    I'm 31 too, and with basically no friends. Despite how much I dislike it, I've come to accept it. I just talk to people every day and smile. Let come what comes... if they want to stay and get closer, they will, otherwise they won't. It's fine though... I won't force anyone.