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Mind talking or writing? No? Then go ahead
Hi people,

like I wrote in my introduction I came here while looking for penpals. I have started several approaches on that matter, but nobody really wrote more then one or two mails, in all those tries, its sad really, because I love the insight into different cultural horizons, and the opportunity to peak outside my little all day routine box.

So if there is someone interested, feel free to send me a pm and lets inspire each other maybe.
Granted, that one wouldn´t want to buy the goods untested here is a little what you will get:
I am 34, was born in germany and currently earn my money for an insurance company as a network administrator.
Describing myself I would say I am a person that is usually rather interested in live and what is going on around me, but with the current set of crisis all around things turn out that I am very disappointed in what is going on.
I don´t mind serious, silly, funny, humorous or whatever kind of conversation. Apart from trying to bring over my mental knot to other persons I like listening as well.

Gender, age, race, whatever, doesn´t matter to me, as long as you can spark the flame of interest. When you can, you will find yourself a very dedicated partner.

So if you are willing to give that geek a try, feel free to write

The Bouncer
[Image: blackflag.png]

There’s a unified axis of government
And corporate power
Lawless and unrestrained
That’s what we should talk about
Corporations exploit the power of the state
To further enhance their power
And the real criminals get away

from ATR - Black Flags

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