looking for internet buds ? (men or women), i going insane with loneliness.

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terry williams
Aug 15, 2023
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paisley scotland
hiya people, hope you are keeping well, everybody here, so as it says on the tin rly, i am a pretty reclusive dude, i came by this site some time ago, but seldom post, as nothing remotely interesting to say half the time, i lead a pretty boring mundane unfulfilling existence lol, just being honest, i also lurk the site now and again, to see how folks are getting on, knowing there are others out there struggling with loneliness to such a huge extent is often comforting but messed up too, even mental health professionals these days consider it a modern epidemic, so what caused this cultural shift and the breakdown of communities, for individuals like us who suffer it, and in our communities at large ?, was it covid ? or did that just accelerate it ?, was it social media ?, was it our collective decision to disengage from people we vehemently dislike ?, because wherever i go people are lonely irl and online too, or feel invisible, or so they say, me myself, i am a very long term hermit, but still desire a chat now and again, i guess there no way around that, i am also a person who is signed off work, and on long term sick currently, due to mental ill health, and i guess just looking to chat to new people, any people rly, after al they say we are a social species, for me this has been going on for around 4 yrs or so, so definitely pre pandemic i guess, anybody else relate ? family are mostly deceased now, and i am no able to have pets where i live due to landlord ground rules which i obey, so i am kind of sat here lonely, but it nothing new, somedays i use distractions as a cope, books, video games, heck even sports from time to time, but there only so much of that you can do before your back to loneliness again, i did volunteer work for a bit but it never worked out due to my anxiety, which can be crippling at times, so had to leave there, mostly i am ok about it, the loneliness i mean, but then it overwhelms you sometimes, on nights like tonight, anybody fancy a chin wag ? i tried social media but i just got forever ghosted and ignored on there, so deleted my account recently, horrid places today are social media sites, which is strange because they never used to be, very divisive places nowdays i find, full of hate and rancid comment sections, maybe this is different ?, i felt lonelier there than irl i guess, anyways thanks for reading my vent, perhaps some of you guys and gals can relate to it ?, i guess what i am after is just some easy going dialogue man, maybe how your coping with modern
times ?, just somebody to chat to now and again, i dont know if this is the correct place to find it but it worth a try ?, take care people, i have been kidding myself lately in the belief that none of this much matters and soon we will al be dead, morbid but reality i suppose lol, that gives me comfort for my social woes lol, knowing that i will soon be dead, i am pushing 40 now, anyhow be good to chat to somebody, and like i say take care, and thanks for having me, peace out homies, i am a uk resident btw 🤟🤘, peace and blessings❤️👍
Hi there. I can relate to everything you wrote. I'm almost 60 (old pic of me . . . possibly 45 years old in that one). My loneliness started a decade or so ago - started working from home remotely online and then covid. Working at home alone online caused a major pause in social interaction compared to my other jobs but it was too late when I realized it and quit because covid hit and we were in lockdown for 2 years so it just got worse. There's other reasons i pushed old friends away but enough for now. I'm here if you want to chat. I'm new to the site but have been a lurker over the years but never joined. PM me if you'd like . . . I've got all the time in world to chat. I'm in Canada.

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