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Is There Anything That You Are Looking Forward To?
I'm going home on december, my parents bought a new house cos the one we have was so old it's not safe to stay there. That I am looking forward to. I am also looking forward to a big change in my life next year. On a short term basis, I look forward to speaking to Peter Lorre each day and of course, chatting with my ALL friends ^^
Pizza tonight!
The end of summer; riding through autumn leaves; my wife coming home.
Spending spring break with my friend Smile
Getting back into work. Hopefully it happens very soon!
I look forward to getting my self assessment out of the way. Will be a small load off my mind.
Going to Easter Bingo tomorrow at the local football club with friends and their kids.
1. Seeing my boyfriend (I've finally met a really decent guy).
2. This 6 month contract coming to an end (this job is shit).
3. A rave in October.
4. Watching A Game Of Thrones in bed later.
"There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how..."

I am wearing a coat of knives.
Just try to hold me.
Just try to hold me.

Just try and hold me." -Anis Mojgani-The bedroom is a morgue
I'm going to my first festival in a couple months- renting a car and driving there with my best friend to see some of our favorite bands all together.

Spring is something to look forward to I think. I walk everywhere.

And near the end of the year I plan on going to see this girl I know down in Florida. I think we're going to get along well. And we're going to what's sure to be my second festival. Which is going to be all Hardcore Punk.
That's the way it goes, but don't forget, it goes the other way too.
Going to bed everyday... Poker tournament coming up this weekend...
Sometimes when you're crying, nobody notices your tears... Sometimes when you're worried, nobody feels your pain... Sometimes when you're happy, nobody sees your smile... But fart just one time and..................

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