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I need to setup a modem and router
Ok, so I will be moving into an apartment in a couple weeks when I head back to school. The apartment complex provides internet, but no wifi.
So I bought a wireless router from amazon last week, and now I just learned that I need a modem as well to actually connect to the internet.


So now Im wondering, does it matter what modem I get? I bought a nice router, but now I dont want to spend much more and most modems seems to be in the $60-80 range. I did see a decently rated one for $26. Is that ok/ are they compatible?


Also, do I need to check with the apartment to figure out my service provider?

And one thing that worries me is I have 3 days after I move in till school starts. I'm worried that I wont be able to set both of these up without help. I'm much more qualified than my roommates at this kind of "stuff", so I wont have any help from them. And we'll need wifi pretty soon for school, though i suppose we could use ethernet cables if we cant get it up right away. I really have no idea how to go about doing this. Does anyone know how to set these up?
Yes if it's cable you need a modem, if it was ADSL you wouldn't have. You should be able to just plug the modem in and it'll work OK, though I'm not familiar if there's different types of cable service's in your country so that's something you'll have to check up on, also it'll be worth checking if your modem supports your internet speed - I don't see why it wouldn't these days but it's best to make sure.

I doubt you'd have to check with your apartment over anything if it's something they provide free, but you could call to make sure. I'd assume you could just plug and go.

I'm pretty sure there will be basic instructions with the router in order to set it up, but what normally happens is that you have to set it up via ethernet cable initially, you'll have to login to your router using the default IP address (usually something like or and password, once you login there should be a setup wizard that starts automatically that'll take you through the setup process. Otherwise it's pretty easy to set up.

Let us know how you got on.
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Usually a router comes with an installation cd, that lets you set up a username and password. This is after you connect it to a computer. At least that's what it did with mine...simple plug and play, a few forms, and it works within 10 mins.
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Ok, so I called the apartments, and the lady said she doesnt know if its cable or dsl, but she did tell me that their service provider was suddenlink. I actually just called them, and they said that they provide internet through cable, and he says I will need a modem. Im assuming ill need a cable modem.

However, the lady at the apartment complex told me that she just plugged in her router to the wall and it worked. She doesnt have a modem. Im thinking maybe she got one of those modem/router combos and she doesnt know she has a modem with it.

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