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Just feeling bad about my cat.
My cat has been so healthy for 8 years until I moved. Within a month of moving he developed asthma. I have spent the summer working on the right dose for that. But then, last week he got very sick. It was coming out of both ends. It seemed to resolve. And I hoped it was just a freak thing.

Alas, it started back up tonight.

This morning I took a stool sample to my vet and I hope it is just some bizzare parasite. But where would he get that? I can't help but think it all has to be related to something else going on.

But also, I am starting to feel like a caretaker in my off hours. Today I spent all day cleaning up last weeks mess.

I can't really have a disastrous sickness. I work smack dab during the hours my vet works... so if I get home and my cat is sick... well I have to take him to the ER vet and they are not exactly kind to him..

Just feel bad and anxious.
i feel for you...i have 2 cats...i adopted them from my local animal shelter in march and april...knock on wood no sicknesses to date...

good luck...i hope he gets better soon Smile

what's his name?

my cats are winston and salem Smile
[Image: 250l3j4.jpg]
(10-19-2014, 11:04 AM)LonelySutton Wrote: I have to take him to the ER vet and they are not exactly kind to him..

...why would an ER vet not be kind to animals???

It makes no sense.
The cat could be having a reaction to the medicine. Or a delayed reaction to the move. Most cats hate change and it can manifest itself in behavior and or physical symptoms. Of course it also could be some form of sickness. My one cat is almost 10 years old, right outta the blue he started throwing up his food/ diarrhea he had been eating for years. It contained grain, I changed his food to grain free and the symptoms stopped. As cats age like with humans they can develop illnesses that were not there before. I truly hope you find out what the problem is and he gets on the mend soon.
'The spider's touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, and lives along the line.'
Thanks guys. I am hopeful. I stopped the medication and so far, since Saturday night, he hasn't gone number two. That is good. Certainly not diarrhea. Of course now he is coughing. My goal is to go a week and see what happens. I am also giving him different food.

My ER vet doesn't see itself as the kindness place. Just like your local *person* er is not about bedside manner the animal er is about finding the problem fast and hard. Whatever they have to do. If they need to run a test and my cat is scared.. they want to put him out.. so he won't fight. My local vet works with him and pets him. The er sees itself as "trauma" and has no bedside manner.

Deevus his name is Bucky.
(10-21-2014, 09:27 AM)LonelySutton Wrote: Deevus his name is Bucky.

glad bucky is doing better...i hope he stays that way Smile
[Image: 250l3j4.jpg]
So last night he went again and it wasn't good. Though it wasn't full on messy... it smelled badly and had this like mucus. So Saturday night I gave him some medication -- that was an antibacterial. And things improved. So I am now starting the full dose. The reason I didn't give it to him before was that he had a hard time taking it. In fact last night I put it in his food and he didn't eat his food. But this morning I got out the syringe and gave him a good bit of it.
I hope he will improve from here onwards. Sorry to hear about Bucky. Sending my well wishes to him.

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