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How To Respond To "Why Are You Not Married Yet?"
"My life, my rules"
Smile   Toungue
"Do you have any idea what the divorce rate is ?"
Or " are you kidding me ?do you think I am ready to die ?"
   FOR Everything THAT YOU ARE.

  Club Don't be a carbon copy of
one of God's Original ,BE YOURSELF.
How about: "I prefer the unencumbered and exotic life of a gigolo instead."
I've never been asked about this- not even by family.
I think the idea of me in a romantic/sexual  sort of context is something people would rather not contemplate.

If I was I would simply respond with "I've never had a girlfriend". Although I would not want to expand on that answer, it would be flattering that someone thought it plausible, unless it came across as  a veiled put-down i.e."what a loser".

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