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Does therapy actually work?
(12-26-2016, 12:51 AM)bleed_the_freak Wrote: Not all therapists are the same. Not all therapies are the same. Shop around if needed. Therapy helped me during a terrible time in my life. I didn't realize it had "helped" until after the fact. It was good having someone to have healthful conversations with. My family was (and still is) full of twisted psychos.


It will help you if you are open to hearing your therapist's advice and perspectives (provided you get a good one), and you're willing to try the exercises they bring to the table (those that are within reason of course). But I feel like it largely depends on your chemistry with the therapist. Some therapists that work for others may not work for you and vice versa. Finding one that is suitable may take time, but may be well worth it if you're in need for someone to help you through a rough patch.

I happened to be lucky to hit the right therapist who did help me get out of a bad time. She taught me skills and lessons that I could apply and adapt for myself and after her, I didn't feel like I need a therapist anymore. She made me realise that I can do it on my own if I conjure the will to. Of course that's easier said than done... but yes, the therapist I went to helped me a great deal.
As others have said, much depends on how good the therapist is but also (personal experience) whether you actually want to make any necessary change which can be harder than it sounds. I hope it helps you.
I'm almost afraid to reply, as a new member, and one suffering from depression, I know it makes me feel like I have been driven into a corner, and the only thing I can do is keep staring at the corner.
But I have learned a lot about different ways to help myself...CBT...meditation....and even actually training to be a counsellor, which I dropped out of after 1 year...just too academic for me...

I have a severe motivation deficiency....but one thing I can do, and do write.
It can be stories....horror..or romance..(aka!) but I can usually get some sort of scenario together to take me away from myself. I can be a person who I'm not, and can have the life I want to.

It may have the opposite effect, and make you sad, but for me it works. You don't even have to publish it, (I do..I get a kick if anyone reads it) but at least it means I did something.

As far as counselling - the right therapist is vital, someone who you feel has the approach that helps you to learn how to feel different.

Hope this helps.
(12-27-2016, 01:19 AM)Restless soul Wrote: No, Not for me. Not unless I want to hear a lot of the things I already know.or all it. I have the voices in my head for that.
Oh, and this forum ☺

Ditto. Just didn't work for me, even when I found a therapist I liked. I guess the only good thing it did was take some of the emotional burden off my friends.

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