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Any writters here?
That's the reason why I started doing things in terms of my "art". Like death of Chester Bennington hit me like a train. So I thought, I should start doing some things before I die. Big Grin
I'm a freelance writer. My professional writing has all been technical stuff, but I do write poetry, short stories, and recently a screenplay for fun.
I'd like to get my fiction published someday, but for now I want to expand my technical writing career.
I enjoy writing.

I like to write short stories primarily, but have branched into poetry before (usually as a way of expressing extreme emotion)
Well, I'm pretty cool with poetry 'cause nothing you wrote just can't be wrong. XD But with books and stories I do have a lot of problems, .... 'cause of blue chair issue. xD
I like to write, but I am incapable of writing anything that isn't meandering, wordy garbage.

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