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Size Matters
hmm i would think that to get the average they would need to measure every adult male in the world, not just some random dudes eager to get the measurement of their pecker.

and as any porn addict would tell you, yes, race does seem to matter. there's tons of evidence on the internet open to the public.
"From my mind to these pages
to another time and another reader's eyes,
it's amazing how I can speak to you
over time and distance.
That is the Beauty of Literature."
Would be nice if there was a woman out there that was interested enough for it to even matter...
For those who are worried about it, learn to use your hands and your tongue. Simples.

In my experience size queens exist, but they're rare. Most women are satisfied by skill. A larger than average size is just a bit of a bonus for most women.

It's a shame that this thread is 11 pages long.

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