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What are you dreams/goals in life?
The thing about dreams is, if I achieve one, I am just gonna think of another. I'll keep coming up with these objectives that I think completing would give me happiness. That happiness is short lived, at best. There would be no end in sight, no relief or respite.

So I guess my dream would be contentment. To be, not happy but, accepting of who I am and where I am in life. To face the world without any expectations, dealing with things as they come with a clear worry free head. 

No problems, just challenges. No mistakes, just lessons. Always moving forward.
Phantimos, my thoughts exactly.
'When the pack rejects their weakest member, he learns to adapt and to find his own way.  He is the lone wolf.'
I live without goals.

My dreams died under pressure of hardships.

When I was a kid and a teenager I had dreams: I believed in them, I lived for them.

But during my growing I lost my dreams.

Now I am already 28 years old: it is too late to have dreams.

I am tired and emptied: how can I have dreams?

I have no special goals also. My aims and interests are small and obvious: to pay my debts, to buy a new computer, to read a new book, to learn a language (programming or human). But no big goals anymore. Nothing global. Nothing romantic.
To give my daughter away at her wedding and make my speech......
To live to see my fiftieth anniversary with my wife......
Just to see my kids happy and secure in life.....
(09-19-2018, 02:38 PM)Saulgoodmanfan Wrote: One dream I have is to meet good people who care about me and I care about them. Most people these days in my opinion have shallow relationships, you are useful to them, and once you've run out of usage, like an old car they throw you away.
My dream in to meet a partner who care about me and I care about him.
My first language is spanish, so Im sorry about my english[color=#00BFF[/color]F]
Only one.
To have my soul mate tell me she wants me back.
To be able to wake up with her every morning.
To grow old with her.
It's not a dream/goal.
It jus has to be.
Aww, BrokenHead.
I’m sorry to hear your heart is aching. 😞
We all have demons, I just choose to feed mine.
My back aches.
Sometimes my head aches.
My heart just feels shredded.

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