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Recently alienated when I tried to make friends via
(11-18-2018, 01:26 PM)Tealeaf Wrote: I have noticed that some groups are horribly cliquey, and don't tolerate anyone being "out of line". It's like tribalism to the extreme. I try to avoid those because there are other open doors, anyway.

If it happens a lot, maybe the way you're phrasing things comes off as critical even if the message itself is harmless. People often listen to how things are said as much as what's said.

I do go to one Meet Up that's pretty nice, a book club. There's no Whatsapp group, but I like being able to drop in on a monthly basis and have good acquaintances at least.

This has actually been a few forums I've tried and left recently. What I call the hivemind, and I routinely get in trouble simply for the same reason you state: My message is benign, but it's not 100% agree, so I'm attacked, ridiculed or ganged up on.

It's absolutely everywhere and... it's just sickening. That humanity is essentially devolving into this.
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