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Work discrimination - personal experiences?
My bosses were good and tolerant people but my coworkers were demons.
I've been aware that there is a clique and not wanted to join - which made work awful for the rest of us at times.

I think the thing here to note is you're new. It always takes a while to feel settled in a new role - for everyone of us.

Try not to give in and get involved in as many conversations as possible, sometimes it feels easier just to get your head down and focus on the work but this doesn't help hey.

Sometimes people just dont know what to say to one another and that's it, likely the case here, work colleagues are thrown together after all. Sounds like the ice hasn't broken yet to me.

Give it a bit of time. You probably really only need to make one work friend then you'd feel ok.
(12-15-2018, 03:38 AM)Twiggy Wrote: sometimes it feels easier just to get your head down and focus on the work but this doesn't help
Yes, that is right.
I tried to get my head down and focus on the work. And they hated me.
I tried to be useful. I tried to work more and more. But they hated me even more.

People relationships is a mystery for me.
(12-15-2018, 04:07 AM)Paul Bauman Wrote: People relationships is a mystery for me.

People are mostly useless.

Just fake aloof until you become aloof.

And never stop advancing.

Continue to work toward a position/career where you have "expert power" and people don't have to like you to need you.

This is the only way I see through my similar challenges.

Every asshole boss and every shithole work environment has been a driver behind advancing myself to escape.
We recently went through a major restructure at work, which boiled down to reapplying for similar jobs and one extended game of musical chairs with fewer jobs to go round.

I couldn't help but notice that most of the people who didn't make it through the process were middle aged socially awkward white males. This is already a very diverse workplace, that demographic is in the minority, but uiipper management clearly didn't think they were 'good look' for the place. Not anticipating much a future here.

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