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Feb 22, 2023
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Hi, I found this site yesterday and it seemed very interesting. I think it's incredible how you guys are able to have a place full of socially inept losers (like myself) and keep it from being an echo chamber of negativity. Instead, everyone tries to help the other!

A little bit about myself. As for hobbies, I like coding, conlanging, 3d modelling, music production, smoking weed, gamedev and writing. I used to play video games a lot too but not so much anymore.
I don't really have any friends and I don't keep contact with family. I've never had a girlfriend, and I'm scared and intimidated by other people. But I've found peace in my loneliness and I don't really feel the need to go out and seek out friends anymore, I like to keep to myself and stay productive with my work.

And as for music... It's a mess. I like stoner rock, powerviolence, sasscore, death and thrash metal, djent, mathcore and noise rock, but also free jazz, classical music sometimes, breakcore, jungle and dirty dnb, harsh noise, and completely unique and undefinable genre bands like Child Abuse, or whatever the hell Neon Hunk is.
My favorite song of all time is "Congratulations... You've Hit Bottom!" by Gospel. And my profile picture is the album cover of Sting Sting Sting! by The Sick Lipstick.

Sorry for rambling. I am a bit crazy for music. I wanted to write even more about it but I had to stop myself.

Anyway, I am also currently working on a game called "CARCASS". It's an ultraviolent 2d shooter with really oversaturated color palettes, in this new fleshpunk aesthetic. Your character has no skin and the levels are all made of meat. I'd put out a preview but there's nothing worth showing yet. Give me, idk a month maybe.

He's called Coen by the way. And he's a free human anatomy model that I imported into blender as a .obj, separated his limbs and added some cool effects to in Krita.
Right now all the animations are all with just these 6 body parts. So I want to rig the player model up and animate him there, then take a screenshot of him every keyframe or something.
However I have absolutely no experience in rigging or 3d animation so I'll have to learn those first.

If any of you could help me out with this in some way, I don't mean like being a developer with me but if you have some cool ideas for game mechanics or something I would really appreciate it!

Also also I recently began uploading my music under the alias "TUSK". Might have been a bit edgy, but I like it. I plan to use something in this style for CARCASS's soundtrack but with a more weird and experimental direction. You can check it out if you want at https://ttuusskk.bandcamp.com. All the cover art, backgrounds and banners and everything I've made myself and I think they turned out really cool!

Sorry, this got a bit long. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff so it's just been building up for forever.


The Lone Monger
Nov 29, 2022
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New York

Hi and welcome.
I have to say...you certainly seem to have loads of energy!
Similar to you, I'm in IT/programming -- except I am going on 36 years in the industry.
That game...my goodness!
Sure beats working on boring old financial transaction processing systems.
When I read about what you are currently working on, it reminds me why I want to retire soon!
I could never learn how to do that kind of stuff! Especially now at my age!


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Feb 5, 2023
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Welcome to the forum. Yes it does sound like your energetic, like your music. I like industrial music, but moreso what I hear in the first minute of that Cerebral Bore track. It gets a little heavy for me after that. Hope you get something positive from this site.


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Jan 14, 2023
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Hi and welcome. What city in Bulgaria are you from? I've visited a few times and found the people and country lovely.

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