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Lonely because of your principles
Do any of you find yourself lonely because of your principles?
I do not need light at the end of the tunnel.  I will light it myself.
I couldn't know the exact meaning of your question, but yes, I do. For what it's worth, that's a good thing for all I know.
Nope. But what are you classing as principles? I'm lonely because I'm socially awkward, an introvert, shy, and got sick of being everyone's emotional doormat.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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Quote:Do any of you find yourself lonely because of your principles?
It is not about me.
My principles are my own personal business; it is not for public.
People around me do not care about my ideas, beliefs and principles.
I find principals don't make me lonely for as long as my social skills work as needed.
Happiness is a false God.
Alone, yes. Lonely, no. If that makes any sense.
"You are as you are until you are not"

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Sorry - first thing that popped into my head when I read 'principals'.

My refusal to be like everyone else just to win friends. If that makes sense.
'When the pack rejects their weakest member, he learns to adapt and to find his own way.  He is the lone wolf.'
When I wanted to lose weight in my early twenties, I decided to drink less at first and eventually stopped completely. After that it became difficult to go out with my existing friends or to go out at all. Don't know if that qualifies though.

Other than that I can see how having a clash of morals or values could be a problem, especially if you can't find people who are alligned with you.
I decided not to have children, which I suppose one could call a "principle" although I think of it more like a lifestyle choice. It baffles my family to no end, and they can't accept it (even though my parents completely respect and even GET why). I get left out of things with my family intentionally because I chose this path, I'm quite sure. The relatives my age who have kids are included happily in things.
I’m not going to have children either. Known that since I was pretty young. All the girls I talked to about that just didn’t get it at all. Cause supposedly you have to have them. Even if you don’t want to and are just doing it to be “normal”
No thank you. I sure ain’t going to put my need to fit in over a child’s need.
We all have demons, I just choose to feed mine.

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