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A Screw-up in every facet of life
(02-07-2019, 06:08 AM)Joturbo Wrote: Yeah I know I'm feeling depressed at the moment and can't drink to get through it but I can totally agree.Nothing ever really changed right from the word go when my father fucked up my life as a child.It's always been a struggle ,like trying to succeed with your hands tied behind your back. I know I've got kids and a wife but the few good times are far outweighed by the shit ,it's drama after drama , just long term disastrous prolonged event one after the other with the odd good break in between.I sometimes wonder is it just worth it everywhere you look in my extended family there's crap going on.All the effort you put in its just knock back after knock back all the best you can hope for is good health.

Money worries , people going to jail , selfish kids that think your a fucking money tree but when it comes to rent oh they are miraculously broke even though Amazon goods are still delivered through the post.Co workers you need to trust just walking all over you cause they no your soft and there clever enough and dishonest enough not caring if it could risk you losing contracts worth thousands of's all just shut

Never been able to sort out my anxiety issues..can't even walk into a pub on my own now can you believe that I've just got worse.Yeah the odd fragile friendship...but they never last.

I may have veered of your point a bit which I apologise

Good ere in it........Anyway sorry you going through it...I can totally understand...

No worries this post is about everyone sharing. I know most of us face similar issues feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, loneliness. Life is isolating for some of us especially when you look around it seems like everyone can have functional friendships and romantic relationships. 
I have been there and totally relate.
My life is a disaster everyday. Horrible chronic health probs. I cant work and live with my mom. My only friends r animals. I had one close friend but he killed himself.
(02-18-2019, 12:00 PM)ahsatan Wrote: My life is a disaster everyday. Horrible chronic health probs. I cant work and live with my mom. My only friends r animals. I had one close friend but he killed himself.

I’m sorry about your health problems I guess that one blessing no major health problems as of yet.
I could've been well off with a high paying job, living with the girl I love and a lot of money in my bank account if I hadn't made the mistakes I made.
I thought I was the genius who didn't need to follow anyone's advise. The end result : All my friends left me.  Gods, I sure was a pompous ass back then..

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