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Been working on stuff and getting frustrated.
I've been trying to promote my "project" (I don't know how else to describe it) over the internet the last several months and I am having no luck.
I've said on here before I think I found a way to make some money.
But to make more money I need to have a downline.
That means people join under me, do the same thing I do and I make some money from the company.

I've tried posting on online classified ads and I got some views but no bites.
I've been working on it for a while but now it is really too late.
I managed to get some people on Facebook but they told me they already signed up.

The only place I really get any views is here.
But I don't want to post about it because I really don't want to get banned.
The only friends I have are here.

I'm know I'm just venting my frustrations.
I'm thinking of giving up trying to promote the app.
I just hope I make a decent amount of money from the work I've done on it personally.

I hope I can get some cash flowing and maybe I can have more options on what to do to make more money.

I don't know how to make cool smilies so here is the club one again.
It looks funny. Club

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