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Expressing Myself
Now. Someone is going to call this thread spam.
I disagree. im expressing myself. Im coming out. Im laying it on the table. Im telling you how it is. Im totally and utterly transparent. Im being unbelievably believable.

Im here. Im here!
There is no need to fear!
Im good. Im great!
There is no need to hate.
I am the peace dove
looking to give you love
Some call me a bore
Cause I like to detour
But to tell you the truth
My wife's name is Ruth.

Green eggs and Ham
Or just Humourless Spam
I tell you what Pam
My real name is Sam
I don't give a dam
If you've never been
to Vietnam
I do have a serious side you know. I will try to help a few people here now and then but I cant become the resident counsellor.
Just some general advice for all:

1) Jordan Peterson is worth watching on YouTube. He can be a bit harsh sometimes and doesn't like self-pity. Clean your room is a good start for all of us. ..which reminds me …………...
2) Go for self-empathy not self pity. Understand you made a mistake. We all do. No one is perfect. Even Donald Trump. Smile
3) Set a goal or two. Short term and long term..
4) Loneliness is cured by focussing on others worse off than you. Don't stay at home all the time if you are unhappy. Go out and volunteer. (I need to take my own advice here). Thiose of you who are disabled here, I suggest seeking spiritual comfort in a religion like Christianity. But don't let me stop you from choosing other faiths such as Islam or Buddhism.
5) You don't have to be cheerful all the time but sometimes is better than nothing. You can actually make smiling a habit. I myself don't like too much fake optimism either. But what Ive found is misery and negative gossip is NOT the way to go. It is a major turn off. People will tire of you sooner than later. 
6) Address your addictions. Now I sound like a hypocrite. because I am addicted to forums like this. Ok its my problem to address this. sorry about that. Smile

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