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My profile (58 yo gentleman from Asia)
Hello people,

I am looking for new friends here. I thought I just write a bit of my profile and perhaps if it suits you then we can catch up 'online' and perhaps meet in person (I  love traveling).

Here are a bit about myself:

1. I am a divorcee (4 yrs now). I had a medical issue and was comatosed for 2 yrs and wife started an affair.
2. Two grown and independent children.
3. I live on my own and have dinner with my children once a week. Drive and quite mobile.
4. Had traveled to 36 countries. Been to most parts of USA.
5. Don't drink or smoke.
6. Height: 5ft 9 ins. Weight: 75 kg.
7. Love Japanese food (esp. Sushi & sashimi)
8. Hobbies: Reading & music (plays guitar and piano)
9. Currently have at least 100 friends in my neighborhood but now mostly my age and find traveling not their favorite adventure.

That's all for now.
Hello Adrien, 
What kind of books do you like to read? Have you traveled to India or Nepal? What are your top three favorite countries that you have enjoyed the most? 
My name online is Naleena. I like writing music lyrics and listening to audiobooks more than reading. I guess I may be lazy? But I do have a good selection. History, Spirituality, Self-help. I'm not really into fiction. 
I love traveling though I have not traveled a lot. I have visited England, Scotland, and France. I'm in the USA and currently live in Oregon.

Hello Naleena,

My favourite author is Dan Brown and I had read all his books.

I have been to India (Chennai & Kerala) but never been to Nepal. The 3 most interesting countries I have visited and will visit again are: USA, China and Thailand.

Never been to Europe much and will make plans to visit more European countries. European countries I have visited are England, Italy and Monaco.

Have you been to Asia? What is your favorite country to visit?

Good evening, Adrien. At least it's the evening in my part of the I assume you are fast asleep in your own bed. 

I have never been to Asia. I do think it would be an awesome adventure though. I did think about traveling to Thailand. There is an elephant sanctuary there I wanted to visit. I also love architecture and wanted to visit Buddhist monasteries.  

My favorite country that I visited would have to be Scotland. I fell in love with the highlands. I'm more into history and nature. I love castles and old ruins. Megaliths are some of my favorite. I like local culture and not into shopping or bars. 

May I ask what cities you visited in Italy? I have wanted to visit Italy. It has the most world heritage sites. I also would love to visit Turkey one day. The oldest temple in the world is there. Gobekli Tepe. The carvings fascinate me. It's like a peek into the mentality of ancient people. 

What is your favorite time period in history? Do you have one?


Hi Nal,

Thanks for your reply.

I have only been to Rome in Italy. Visited all the historical sites: Vatican City, Coliseum and city tour. I  love Istanbul too. Been to the city twice.
Cities I have visited in USA are: Hawaii,  San Diego,  LA, SF, Texas, Chicago, Kentucky, Tampa, Orlando,  Miami, Peurto Rico, New Orleans, Boston, New York, New Jersey. I will be in New York in mid August.

I hope you will visit Asia soon and I can be your local guide. 

I don't have any particular historical period I am biased to. I normally spend more time on those that had a significant impact of our (human) time line.

Jumpa lagi. (Malay for "See you/again")
Hello, Adrien Smile

Istanbul must be a pretty nice place. What did you like most about it? Were the people friendly?

When I make it to Asia (someday) I will definitely be honored to have you as a guide.  

I noticed you visit a lot of the larger cities. May I make a suggestion? There are some nice smaller towns. Asheville, North Carolina being one of them. You can look it up on youtube. It was voted one of the top ten places to retire. There is also a place called Charleston, South Carolina that is rich in history and beauty. 

I hope you have a great week, my friend.

Jumpa lagi

Hi Nal,

I visited Istanbul in 2003 & 2004. I spent 3 nights each time .... it was a lay over to connect flight into Russia & Turkmenistan. I did touristy things (city tour and evening cruise along the Mediterranean sea). Loved the view of the city during the evening cruise. I didn't make any local contact there.

I will be travelling to Bangkok later this week while on my way to NY. I will post some pics of the city for your review.

Jumpa lagi.
Hi Dear
I'm Ryan from USA, Please contact me to my email ID *email removed* i have something good to share with you

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