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Why am I feeling like this!
Hey all, 

Before I tell my story, I have some questions;
Am I over thinking thing?
Why am I feeling this?
Am I falling for this person?
So I just let go and forget?

So here’s my story. I’m an influencer on a social media app as well as a radio guy. I was doing a live stream on the app, when this girl caught my attention, I was besotted by her. I do a feature on my live where you can Snapchat me a video question and I will show it on my live. She popped up And asked a question. After the live I gave her a cheeky messaged saying thanks for joining my live. From then we exchanged messages. Being an influencer, I checked her profile out. She had content but only 200 fans. 

We chatted for a couple of days and I enjoyed the chat, little bit of light flirting and so on. I decided to ask her out on a date. She said yes! (Great first date since I spilt with my ex). We set a date that works for us both as she lives 400 miles away from me (Tuesday 20th August)and I am happy to go to her. Now I’ve been struggling for content on the app and thought of an idea to help grow her fan base and our content. She happily agreed.

As of today (we have been speaking for 2 weeks) she has 1100 fans and is now able to go live on the app as well. Which I’m pleased for her. My issue is we have agreed a date, and we are still chatting, however it’s only via snapchat and not text (I have her number). She takes forever to respond to messages, it drives me insane. I’m trying to organise the day, as I see it I’m spending a lot of money, time to do this (traveling there and tickets), and I really like her, she is the last thought at night and my first in the morning, in fact the majority of the day. Every time my phone pings I look at it hoping it’s her. My friends and family know when she messages with the beaming smile that comes across my face. I keep dropping hints that I am into her and when she responds she’s says the same. I don’t know if she is being genuine or not a lot of my friends are sceptical and just using me for my influence which has got me doubting her.

But I have this horrible feeling inside constantly, I really want to know, but I don’t want to waste my time if she isn’t really interested in dating. A little bit of information about us I’m 10 years older than her. She is 6”2 and slender and I am 5”3 and overweight (I don’t have an issue about this and she says the same). So am I just being a paranoid idiot and just chill and not worry or should I just call it off.

Sorry it’s long

Radio Guy! X
Difficult with long distance relationships, I tried a couple around 100 miles apart and they failed miserably. Never got going actually.
(08-14-2019, 11:12 AM)RadioGuy88 Wrote: 1.) Am I over thinking thing?
2.) Why am I feeling this?
3.) Am I falling for this person?
4.) So I just let go and forget?

1.) Probably.
2.) Don't know, but there's something you like about them!
3.) Sounds like you are.
4.) Depends, are you ok with a lil or alot of heartache if it ends to soon?

Best of luck with this and just enjoy the moment. Not sure if this applies, but I enjoy people alot more after I lower my expectations.
Try not to think too much and just see how things go. I would also be restrained in expressing the depth of your feelings for her, expressing deep feeling before you've met in person could spook her. Be polite, decent, helpful and all those other things.

The real test of all this will be how things feel in person.
I don't understand social media or xchat or texts. Have you spoken to her, at the very least on the phone, if not in person? So you know she's not a man or a bot or some such?

Also, at 21, women are a lot more flighty than a man in his 30s... so it looks like it'll be on you to create the proper framework. You'll both need to communicate your intentions and expectations clearly or you'll be tossed around like a leaf in the wind, and that'll get old in a hurry.

I haven't even dated anyone in about 25 years, so I don't know what 21st C relationships are like... but the real problems never change. I wish you the best of luck with this.
Hello all, thank you for the responses, I get that I’ve had a few long distance relationships and we have ended up moving in with each other. So it would be small steps before moving in together 😂. Thanks for the support as well. We have chatted via FaceTime and text and talk daily. However, I’m just gonna see what happens on the day no pressure and no expectations.

Thanks all x

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