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I am unemployed and severely bored

I am unemployed and severely bored.

After waking up in the morning I do a half hour yoga practice after that mostly I watch TV.
Sometimes I boot my PC but after checking my email I fail to find to do anything interesting.
In the evening I go for a walk.

I have anxiety disorder and sometimes I get panic attacks.

My boredom is aggravating my anxiety even more.

How do you think I should spend my days ?
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Go outside and exercise.
I love running. I find it an excellent stress reliever and good mood builder.
Then I’d get a hobby. Do something you like. If you don’t know what you like, then test things out. 
[Image: tenor.gif]
Lonely_aryan, you're doing good with your daily yoga and walks, but there's probably more effort you could put towards exercising and taking care of yourself than what you're doing.  Consider your body a project in the works, making it a goal to get into the best shape of your life.  And consider yourself fortunate to have the free time to do so, since masses of people seek such a goal but can't fit the time into their schedule. 

Misbehave's right too about finding a hobby.  It's highly unlikely that you don't have a variety of interests or outdoor activities to be found in your area.  A little initiative and research will reveal possibilities for you, and sharing some fun or useful activity with other people is a recipe for making new friends and becoming involved with social circles.

It's also likely that you have churches and other organizations around you that are begging for volunteers.  You're in a position to make your free time count towards doing something good for the world.  Besides replacing boredom, the feeling of accomplishment and sense of self worth you'd gain from this would be quite rewarding. 

Your boredom is not just from being unemployed, since many people in the world, including myself, are unemployed by circumstances or retirement, yet not bored.  It comes down to being active, pursuing interests, interacting with people, and having a purpose for your life. 

May I suggest that knowing and accepting your purpose in life is the key to motivating you to trade your wasted days for something far more interesting and worthwhile - be it at home or out of the house. Following are two video sermons applicable for you.  They're worth your time.  Watch them in order when your mind's clear.

#1 (33 min)

#2 (75 min)
I am a professional woman with a part time job. 
I also have an on the side catering business. And a fb/instagram page for selling clothes. All 3 of them infact do not make all that much money but they do pay some bills and keep me busy. 
My point. While finding a job is difficult, you may be able to find some things you can do that you like and that actually generate an income of sorts. 
Maybe I am lucky since in my country you can sell food to people without u know I mean. 
And so there are no overhead expenses. So maybe u can find sthg similar to do online that doesn't cost a lot Maybe a fb page of sorts. Maybe sell something on amazon. I watched videos about how you can do that. Get things from China and sell them on demand. I mean get them if someone orders them. 
I wish you luck

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