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being truthful to myself
i am now being truthful to my self, i acknowledge my feeling i don't suppress it, i know my feelings is real.
when i'm feeling angry i acknowledge it. what i'm feeling i said it. i don't hold my self but still in control.
i treat my self better, i look after my self now, i love my self more.

evil people won't stand a chance on me i see right through their b.s. they are predictable.

if there is anything not good in me i try to remove it, if there is anything i have potential of i improve it.

thanks to the knowledge of narcissism i figure out things.

i used to think "if only", if only that doesn't happen to me but now i am thankful because of bad experiences i become what i am now.
must be me right?  Cool

If i had a printer, I liked this prayer/corolary

I don't know If I'm in the same bus you take, but I'm also checking the evil streets of egolatry and narcissism.

If was fed up during childhood and when I grew up I didn't notice the evil was in me: That's why I got rid of Facebook!

I uploaded this avatar just to be or feel somewhat honest, since I learnt we ppl are prone to idolize in online fantacies. I myself have seen how I screwed up in the lies of narcissism (i liked ppl other ways their body/face were).

If i won the lottery to travel abroad, I won't be "sold out" another way I wasn't. 

Ha! Ha! If i was shorter or fat, I won't permit any reader lied to THEMself

(but I'm here alone, typing in a borrowed phone).
I'll be all I want to be!
my vocabularies is limited but I get what you write.

being alone is better then with bad company.

my narcissists some kinda worship these family gathering, social gathering only to point out all my 'faults' yea i'm enough by experienced my alone is way better. i can reach my potentials. i am embracing my alone time, authentic about my self.
must be me right?  Cool


If you're using Windows, download a dictionary I worked for... Allow me to find one hyperlink from

It has help me a lot when I write elsewhere.
I'll be all I want to be!
I'm sorry, i don't see the old free version to spare you 10 USD.

Dare to use the beta version?

The dictionary in Encarta 2009 has a SAPI voice to help you pronounce words and also The Sage.

There's a picture here for you 👇

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I'll be all I want to be!
i'll try the link thanks.
must be me right?  Cool

More than welcomed!

The dictionary gives examples on how to use certain words according to their grammar.

I'll be all I want to be!

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